Chapter 13

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"What do you mean? I was there. It's an accident. I saw everything. Why did you say that it is not?"

Travis glanced at the door and checked if it was locked, then he came back, moving a little bit closer, "Don't tell anyone about this. Do you understand?" he lowered his voice, looking directly into my eyes. "What if someone made it look like it an accident? Listen to this, I told you that I'm investigating it. His stocks, his assets and everything under his name were all transferred to me, secretly and we already told you that, but they thought that it is still on-hold up to now. Six years ago, a few days after he died, billions of dollars went missing in his account. It was all transferred under the name, Yule Segovia. I've done research about him of course, but he's already dead the same year Rafael died. Who made the transfer? It is still unknown."

"So, how can you say it was not an accident?"

"Yule Segovia was an executive director at the Clements Motors. The truck in the accident who hit him was owned by none other than the Clements Motors."

I gasped, covering my mouth in pure shock. My knees suddenly went weak, my body trembled in disgust. I grabbed his arm and clenched the fabric of his suit. He touched my hand.

"Clara, I don't want to tell you, but you are the only person who could help me, who could help my brother."

I couldn't cry out loud, but I began to cry, hard and tried not to make any sound. "Travis..."

"Look, Clara," Travis took both hands and he squeezed them gently, "Look at me,"

I slowly lifted up my head and looked at him.

"Do you understand why I am making this decision? There's no one I could trust in the company. I wanted Elizabeth and my family out of this. One death is enough. They are going to do everything for money. So please, I need your help to uncover this, alright?"

I nodded, "Yes. I-I will help you, of course." I sniveled.

"Thank you. The meeting is about to start in two hours. What I need you to do is to calm yourself. When we get inside the boardroom, all you have to do is stand right next to me like you already know everything. I'm alive. Elizabeth won't say anything but she'll understand. We are going to explain it to her later."

"Y-yes. How could someone do that to him? He's a fair and generous CEO of this company." I sniffed, "Do you think they will believe it? You, being Rafe?" I sniffed.

"Just look at me, Clara. Even if I lie, this face won't."

I looked at him; his face, his eyes, everything... he was Rafael. "What would we tell my son? We can't lie to him. How about your fiancée?"

"I will deal with her later and about your son, I know that we can't lie to the child but, we could talk to him make him understand."

"You are going to pretend that you are his father? No. No, Travis... you can't." I told him, shaking my head, "He's just a child, He won't play with this."

"Yes. He is. Then what will you do if they ask him about me—I mean his father?"

"They won't. You can do anything you want, but I don't want to involve him here. You are not his father."

"Okay." He nodded, "I won't. I'll just deal with this myself, just in case they ask."

"Good." I chinned up. "Elizabeth's probably waiting for me at the café—"

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