Chapter 15

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Clarke's pov

When we got at Octavia's we saw that Bellamy's car wasn't there. Perfect. Now we have time to plan a revenge. Is this a little stupid to get revenge on Gina after she destroyed our friendship? No, well she didn't really destroy it. Bellamy did it when she got together with Gina and Gina spredding lies about me was the last thing that we needed. I thought that Bellamy and I could forget about the past and move forward. As friend. Gina destroyed it and now I am going to destroy Gina.

"Clarke? Clarke!" Octavia said and snapped me out of my thought.

"Yeah-What?" I said confused.

"I asked. What are we going to do with Gina?" She said and opened the door.

"To be honest, I don't know yet, but don't worry I will come up with something good." I said and smiled.

We went up to her room and I left my bag on the floor.

"Are you hungy?" Octavia asked.

"Always." I said and we both laughed.

We ordered pizza and went downstairs to watch a movie.

"What should we watch?" I asked Octavia.

"How about a disney movie?" Octavia said as we sat on the sofa.

"I love disney movies, but which one are we going to watch?" I asked.

"How about Cinderella?" Octavia asked with her eyebrow raised.

"Perfect." I said and smiled. I was happy that Octavia was my friend. She was an amazing friend. I don't know what I would do without her. Even though I haven't known her for years it feels like I have.

We heard a knock on the door. Octavia paused the movie and I went to open the door.

"I think that it's the pizza. Go get the money for it?" I yelled to Octavia as I made my way to the door.

I opened the door and I didn't see the pizza guy. I saw Bellamy and Gina.

"Hi, guys." I said and faked a smile.

"Hi?" Bellamy said confused as he and came in.

"Hey Clarke, how much is the piz-" Octavia said but stopped talking when she saw Bellamy and Gina.

"Oh, hi Bell." Octavia said and smiled.

"Hi." Bellamy said and waved.

"Bellamy. We should go upstairs we need to work on my campaign so I can be the Queen of the winterdance." Gina said to Bellamy.

"We are going to my room. Don't come knocking on the door." Bellamy said and they started to walk upstairs.

"Well that was awkward." I said when I heard Bellamy close his bedroom door.

"I know! Why can't they just break up already?" Octavia said and we walked to the livingroom.

Octavia is helping me plan a revenge on Gina. She is doing it because she doesn't want her best friend and brother to fight. One thing she doesn't know is the kiss that we shared. I don't know if I should tell her or when to tell her. I think that if she finds out she will be angry at Bellamy and I for keeping that as a secret and for kissing. If I tell her Bellamy will hate me even more than what he does now. I want to tell her, but I don't think that I will ever be able to. It feels terrible not telling her, but somethings are just better left unsaid.

"Yeah." I said quietly.

After we finished watching the movie and eating the pizza we went upstairs to Octavia's room. We got in bed and started to sleep.

"Hey Octavia. I am going to the kitchen to get some water." I whispered to Octavia

"Okay, just be quite so you don't wake anyone up." She whispered back and drifted back to sleep as soon as she finished that sentence.

I made my way downstairs as quite as possible. When I got to th kitchen I couldn't see anything and before I knew I had stepped on something and I was falling down. All of a sudden someone catched me. I looked up and I couldn't see who it was until they turned the light on. It was Bellamy.

"What are you doing here in the middle of the night?" Bellamy asked.

"I am getting water." I said as I opened the cabinet door and took out a glass.

"Okay." He said.

"Hey, what were you doing down here?" I asked and turned around to face him.

"I heard footsteps and I came to check who it was." He said and looked at me.

"Oh okay. Well I will just go back to bed so good night." I said and started to walk towards the stairs.

"Good night." He said and followed me upstairs.

I looked at him when I was closing the door to Octavia's room. He didn't look at me. Why didn't he look at me? I don't know why I thought that, why would he look at me? I may have so feelings left for him, but I need to get over him. He doesn't like me. He thinks that I am a liar. I know I have told myself many times to forget about him, but this time it is for real. I will try to avoid him whenever it's possible.

"Hey Octavia. Wake up." I said to her when I got inside her room.

"What Clarke? I am trying to sleep." Octavia said wearily.

"I got the perfect idea on how to get revenge on Gina." I said smiling.

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