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"Before we go, can our new couple give us a kiss?" Loren says. Cara head snaps towards Xander's direction immediately those words came out of Loren's mouth.

A kiss? She didn't plan for a kiss.

Cara's heart racing but in spite of that she maintains a smile, she can't get off character now.

"Come on guys, don't be shy." Loren urges.

Xander turns to Cara as well trying not to show how comfortable he is with the situation, since his career and image depends on it, he finds himself leaning in. Cara heart almost stopped when she notices he is actually going through with it, she's is surprised he didn't just freak out and spoil the whole show given the fact that he doesn't like her. But since he is playing along, she might as well, so she leans in also to meet him halfway.

Cara keeps on moving closer, thinking he will back out but now, they are inches close, nose touching, eyes locked and breathing becomes forced. His cologne hits her nostrils and to her, he smells like fresh air and money. They both stop for a second, waiting for who will back out first or who will make the first move. Both can feel each other's breath on their lips until Xander closes the space between them. Their lips come in contact softly for a second, but leave a tremendous effect on Cara. It's like it happened but it didn't happen, just to make sure it did, she did something she shouldn't have. As Xander is about to shift away, she places her hands on his freshly shaved face and pressed her lips on his soft lips so hard that she can store it in her memory. They almost forgot that the world is watching them, as their lips moved in sync. Xander may claim he dislikes this girl but his insistent mouth tries parting her lustrous lips but halts when he hears loud clearing of throats from both the presenter and the cameraman.

They both let go of each other, coming to an instant remembrance that they are on Camera. Xander adjusts his suit with a cheeky grin on his face, while Cara's cheeks are bright red like a tomato.

"Let's save that for the bedroom." Loren teases. Cara's cheeks are flaming at this point, she believes that she must look stupid. She bits her lips replaying the kiss over and over, tuning out the interviewer.


Cara shifts awkwardly as the door closes shut indicating that the press is gone and she's alone in the conference room with him. Cara shouldn't be but she's obsessing over the kiss like the weirdo she is. She has kissed a lot of guys before, some good while most gross but none were worth a billion dollars, so she thinks of asking how he felt about the kiss.

The conference door suddenly opens and his secretary's head pops from the side of the door, breaking the silence of the room with her high pitched voice. "Sir just wanted to remind you that your meeting is in an hour." She smiles, while Xander just nods in reply. She still remains there but this time glaring at Cara. Cara glares at the bitch back muttering "Abracadabra" but the stupid magic spell didn't work as she is still there staring.

"You can go now." Xander dismisses her and like a magic trick, the bitch head disappears from the door, and they were alone again.

Cara's brain tries to fight her stupidity and impulse to say something embarrassing. It's like a war zone in her brain, but she comes to a decision when she spots Xander standing up and heading towards the door.

One can say her impulse and stupidity won, because she races towards the door, obstructing Xander from going out.

"What are you doing?" Xander is always slightly amused by her display of foolishness but always fully irritated. "Get out of my way." He demands.

"So," She trails off. "The kiss, rate it."

Right now, Xander is mostly amused by her confidence. He has met a lot of people but none as confident when uttering stupid words.

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