Chapter 3 - The Royal Pain

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When they finally arrived in Auradon, Dianna and her friends were welcomed by the loud music of the school band and an abundance of people waving at the limousine. Dianna cringed in disgust, she turned to her friends. Mal rolled her eyes in agreement. Evie, smiled and waved in return as if the citizens of Auradon could see them beyond the tinted windows of the limousine. Carlos and Jay paid no heed to them as they rumbled over a chocolate bar. Dianna rolled her eyes towards them, only to have her thigh kicked by Jay.

"What are you staring at you limp noodle?" Jay said, He and Carlos instantly stop fighting as they both turned towards her.

"Just thinking about what the dogs would look like over in Auradon." Carlos flinched, his eyes burst wide open as he then shivered in fear. Jay on the other hand, simply shrugged in reply and they then continued their rumble.

The limousine halted to a full stop, and when the chauffeur opened the door to the limousine, Jay and Carlos instantly fall down from the car. Having a tug of war with a blanket. Evie, Mal, and Dianna exited through the other side of the car, not wanting to be associated with the two boys bickering and rumbling.

The band stops their playing and made way for a slightly stumpy woman, wearing all blue with a huge pink ribbon on her collar, "An easy kill." Dianna thought to herself "Burn the ribbon, steal the wallet, and whatever else she has with her, and I'd be halfway across the isle when she'd be done screaming." with her arms wide open she walked towards the group accompanied by a honey brown haired boy, wearing a blue tuxedo with a picture of the beast on his pocket, holding hands with a brown haired girl, wearing as expected. A sparkly pink dress. How charming.

Jay took notice of this brown haired girl, and walked straight up to her, walking with a killer swagger that would usually make Dianna singe his clothes or something similar of the sorts but she stood quiet seeing as they had an audience.

"Well hello foxy."– Jay winked – "The name's. Jay." The girl simply laughed as she held closer to the boy in the blue tuxedo who was strangely almost obsessively giving glances to Mal. The woman then leaned her body towards the girl, acting as the divider from Jay and said girl.

"Welcome to Auradon prep. I'm Fairygod mother, the headmistress." She said, Mal turned to her with eyes wide open.

"You're the Fairygodmother? As in, the bibbidi bobbidi boo Fairygod mother?"

"The one and only."

"Then where is your wand?" Dianna said, Mal turned to her with a stern look in warning. Almost as if to say "Don't push it, we just got here."

"All that is in the past now, that was a long time ago." She replied. The honey brown haired boy stepped forward, followed by the annoying looking pink girl that riled Dianna.

"It's so good to finally meet you all, My name is Ben, and this is Audrey." He said as he pointed to him and the girl.

"Its prince and princess Audrey, we're boyfriend and girlfriend. Right Bennyboo?" Ben merely nodded in response.

Dianna looked away to find anything else, anything else to look at before she would barf. It was then that she had noticed a boy, looking directly at Dianna, a blonde haired boy, A brown leather jacket worn over a blue button up shirt with a necklace of something that Dianna couldn't quite tell. She took small steps closer, but he was too far to tell who he was. Too far for anyone to notice either.

"Ben and Audrey here will show you all around. I will see yo tomorrow for remedial goodness class, the doors of wisdom are never shut here!" She walked away as the school band walked with her in unison.

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