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Requested: 'come over here and make me!'



"Alexander, could you please take it down?" I asked as I desperately tried to take my sketchbook off of the top shelf of our bookcase, "You know I cannot reach it!" Alexander placed it up there and I'm too short to get it. I heard Alexander groan and get up. "Come over here and make me." He teased. I rolled my eyes and tapped my foot. "I'm serious, Alexander." I sighed.

Alexander whined and grabbed my hips. "Peaches, love me..." He whined, leaning me over the desk part of the bookshelf. I felt myself blush as my cheek was pressed against the dark wood. "Alexander, I really just need my-" I started to say, but I was cut off by my squeal: my lover laced his fingers in my hair and kept one hand on my hip. "A-Alexander, this isn't the time!" I sneaked. "Why not, Peaches? We're alone... and you're all mine~" Alex purred, "And I'm a lot calmer than usual!" "That is debatable, Dear." I sighed.

Alexander turned me around and kissed me. I closed my eyes and threw my arms over his shoulders. Alexander grabbed my ass and let me wrap my legs around his waist. He finally broke the kiss and grinned against my lips. "What happened to 'this isn't the time'?" Alexander asked in a low growl as he reached up and took my sketchbook down. I smiled and kissed him before taking the sketchbook out of his hands as he set me on the desk.

"Peaches, are you alright with me working? You will come and get me if you need anything, right?" Alexander asked me. I just nodded and started to sketch. "You are so beautiful... I don't think I tell you that enough..." he told me as he left the room. I looked up as he closed the door and smiled to myself.

You're beautiful to him...

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