Chapter 1: A new home

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Having a wealthy family from America who had a monopoly over the railroad construction and maintaining was a blessing and a curse. It made for a life without poverty, and without a sense of being without laborious work in a factory or mill like many girls in the working class suffer through. The downside was that you had no freedom over whom you chose to marry. This was all left to your father who stood by your side a smile of satisfaction that you had finally arrived at the home of his dear friend George Joestar. The two men realized that this would strengthen both of their names and finances if their children were joined together in a marriage. Being the only daughter fated you to be chosen by one of George's boys. Since you were at the age of 16 at the time with the boys at just the same not quite legal yet gave birth to the idea of both high class men to let you live at the manor for a few years to allow you to get to know each one and then marry one when you became of age as Jonathan and Dio would.

Nothing was more life changing then the moment of taking your first step into the Joestar manor. This was all because of the man standing next to you, your father, who has a smile of satisfaction that you had finally arrived at the home of his dear friend George Joestar.

"Father, is there any chance I could just meet them have a spot of tea and then make our lovely way back home?" You fidget in the stiff new dress given to you yesterday after arriving in England just for this event.

"Just give your suitors a chance would you?" He lets out an annoyed huff since he had lost count of how many times you had begged him to not go through with this arrangement.

"Suitors? Must you call them that?" You feel your soul cringe. You had no clue about the boys whom your father wanted you to choose from or which boy that might choose you. Your father's jaw clenches in irritation about to reply for the clicking sound of heels to echo on the floor's checkered marble flooring to interrupt him before he had the chance to speak.

The sound comes from no one else but George Joestar who enters the room his arms wide in welcome. "So sorry for making you wait for my dear friend." He shakes your father's hand in greeting.

"No worries now! I'm happy to see you're doing well yourself now." Your father nods his head.

"Indeed, so is this darling young lady your daughter?" George turns his head to look at you with warm and gleeful eyes.

"Yes, this is my daughter (name)."

You manage a small smile at the man who was expected to be your future father in law. "It is an honor to be in your company."

"Why such a polite daughter you have no surprise since you're the man who raised her after all and she has certainly grown into a beautiful one as well. My sons are sure lucky boys."

Your father swelling with pride after such a comment he replies with. "They are for sure."

"Why speak of the devil and here they are!" George notices two boys walking down the steps on the right where a regal statue of an angel was perched near.

Your muscles tensed for what felt like a collision of two entirely different energies as if one took one step closer to the other only havoc would break through. After they make it to the last step George makes his way to them and guides them up to you. He pats the boy on the right's shoulder. "This is my adopted son Dio, he is one of the best athletes and students of his school. I will always look back fondly on the day he arrived at his true home."

Dio with his silken blond hair and piercing eyes strike you, never had you met someone with such an intense vibe to them. His lips turn up in small a sultry smile. "A pleasure to meet on many regards." He lifts your hand to kiss the back of it. His lips were softer than the most expensive pillow you owned a light blush dusting your cheeks at his actions.

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