2. Confrontation

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      "What do you mean Experiment Zero? Why are you referring to him as an Experiment and what's his real name?" I ask while fighting to stay by my dad as the crowd surges towards the glass wall that separates us from him. 

He doesn't take his eyes off the man, who is now looking quite frantic as he opens his mouth to yell, but I can't hear a thing because the glass is most likely sound proof.

"He doesn't have a name, so we call him Subject Zero, or Zero for short."

 He doesn't have a name? And what's with that proud look in my father's eyes?

This has to be some type of joke, unless it's kidnapping. I doubt my dad would really kidnap someone though.......at least I used to doubt, not so sure now. So who is this supposedly nameless man?

I groan, the curiosity starting to get to me. 

At that moment my eyes connect with the strange man who they call Zero, his own silver eyes staring holes into me as if taunting.

Find out for yourself, they seem to say, who I really am.

You're on, is my response.

That's how I find myself one hour later, at our beach house which is located conveniently a third of a mile away from the lab. 

The sun is starting to set.

 It's go time.

     I walk out into the living room, spotting my dad on the couch watching the news with his lab coat finally off and placed next to him.

 I can't stop the smile from creeping onto my face, thinking about how it's so hot in here since I might have "accidentally" turned up the heater half an hour ago. Oh well.

 I move to sit by my dad, pretending shift the coat over a spot so I can sit beside him. Now I'm directly in-between my dad and the coat, where the key card to access the bottom floor is.

"Do you think you'll get a promotion for the discovery of Zero?" I ask, trying to distract my dad as my hand slowly starts to slip into the first pocket of the lab coat.

 "Even if I do, I'm not taking it. I'm the head scientist here. The only promotion that's higher than me would be one that's on the Main land, and I'm staying right here until the very end of this project."

I remember the many small fights I've gotten into with my dad over the years all, especially after mom's death. I had wanted nothing more than to leave the island and the experiment that had taken my mother, and my father's determination wouldn't allow that, which resulted in a whole lot of arguments.

 "How important is this project to Braun lab?" 

  There's nothing in the first pocket, I move onto the second.

 "Very important. We might be millionaires one day, Ashley. Then you won't have to leave for college to get a job. You can stay and work for me in the labs, it's very exciting business once you get into it." I internally rolls my eyes.

"I'll think about it." I promise him, moving onto the third pocket when there's nothing but a pen in the second.

"I think I''ll head off to bed now. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow. Goodnight Ashley." He says standing up. 

I frantically move my hand to the fourth pocket and feel something plastic. I snatch it just as dad takes his coat before patting my shoulder and heading to bed.

  "Night, Dad." I call after him.

 I wait a few minutes, trying to watch the news, but inside I'm bubbling with excitement and nervousness. 

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