Last Days

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This was it, our last days as high schoolers. There was still some time, it was thrilling, I could burst out those doors and be grown up. But like I said, there was still some time.


"Okay," Santana said, as she sat in the empty seat opposite me. "I have no idea what to do with life."

"Me neither: I just witnessed my step-father dancing to Beyoncé, that can never be unseen," I joked.

"Livy, this is serious! I mean I have no clue what to do with life. I don't wanna go to college but...ugh," she groaned, earning a stare from the waiter. "What are you looking at?" she shouted at him. A look of fear overcame his face and he scampered.

"Santana, choose whatever you want. Now is the time."

She flew up and grabbed her bag. "You know what? You're the worst!"

Santana stormed out, bumping  into Mike on the way out. "Woah! Hold your horses," he commented immediately.

Mike plumped down and rolled his eyes. "What was wrong with her?"

I sighed and took the hot chocolate from his hands, "It's nothing. Anyways, cheers to Mike!"

We held our drinks high, then took a big gulp. Mike had found out he'd been accepted into MDA and we would be attenting together.

"Have you told Artie?"

I set my drink down and paused for a second, I looked down, ashamed to make eye contact,"no."

"Liv," he groaned, shaking his head gently. "You really have to tell him."

"I know, I'm just afraid."

"We are leaving in three weeks," he said, giving me the look. I knew this had to be done now.


I knocked on the huge, brown front door of house, knowing this could be the last time. It took a minute, but finally his mom answered the door.

"Olivia!" she greeted, giving me a half-hug.

"Hi, Mrs Abraham," I answered awkwardly. I was so nervous and how she might treat me after she knows.

She gave me a confused look, opened her mouth to talk, however she seemed dazed and instead strolled into the kitchen.

I headed up to Artie's room, when I entered his room he was on his bed doing some studies. I was going to miss seeing him. I smiled lightly at the sight of my dorky, adorable boyfriend and closed the door.

He glanced up and gave a grin," Hey, Babe. Guess what?"

"No, Artie! I'm sorry but I have something really important I need to tell you right now," I took a deep breath and sat beside him. I took his hands in mine and started. "I, um, uh. Some time ago, Principal Higgins called me into his office and he told me that-that MDA had a place for me.."

"That's great!" he interrupted.

"..No wait. They gave me a scholarship, except it's for this year. So, in three weeks.....I'm-I'm uh, leaving to N-New York."

He didn't say anything, he didn't even blink. He probably had no words to say. He loved me and I was leaving him, on top of that I only gave him three weeks notice.

"I-I," he started. He turned his head and got up. "I think you should go."

"Baby, please," I wanted this sorted. I figured we had to break up but, at least, I wanted forgiveness.

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