Interview 7 --- @foreverhidion3

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Note — All the words in bold and insets in <….> are A/Ns.

à Pic on side is of sweet Paul. He’s adorable! J


    @foreverhidion3 aka Paul E redefines SWEET! He is polite, honest, can be pretty intense about things he cares about. He’s a no non-sense guy who would like to bring a positive change to the world. [Oh btw, Paul doesn’t think am a goober, so the ones who know otherwise,  please be a darling and don’t tell him? *puppy eyes*]   Every  thing Paul writes touches a chord with the reader with passion and intense emotion screaming for your attention and your senses need to handle a powerful blast of raw emotions.   His “A Love Letter To My Best Friend” [ I almost cried after reading this and I don’t cry easily] , “Every Night” , “The Perfect Girl” and “Love Spelled Sacrifice” are just some of his many brilliant works.     Let’s get @foreverhidion3’s Wattpad bestie (Kristen Busbee) to spill some beans on him for us. ;)

Over to Kristen:-

“Paul E is considerate, compassionate and sweet, with an optimistic and happy demeanor.

These are just some of the traits that define so much of who he is as a person and a writer. He lives by the mote “Actions speak louder than words” And in my mind, although Paul’s actions certainly speak loud, I sometimes wonder if perhaps his words speak louder.

Through his writing, he expresses so eloquently his love, views, and personality. He takes an idea and looks beyond what most of us would ordinarily see, examining it piece by piece until he understands it fully…in his own unique way. His writing portrays lessons he has learned and his observations about the way the world should be.

In my mind, he possess a gift that can touch and reach out to others through exquisite taste and style, and keeps in mind that it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it.

Letting the truth out…that’s what he is all about.”




Q. Introduce yourself to the earthlings in one line.

A. My name is Paul E...and you know I am human...because I cried like a freakin baby at the end of the Notebook. 

Q. Your 3 best and 3 worst qualities.

A. Hmmmm... Best qualities... 1. I am a very good listener! ; 2. I do my best to be kind always. ; 3. I rarely lose my temper.

Worst qualities. 1. I tend to be egocentric at times. ; 2. I struggle with feeling compassion. ; 3. I always think I have good ideas...hehe

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