The Train Ride

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Train Ride:

Braven Larka D5


Smile, smile, smile. That's what my entire life had been, smile, stay strong for those around you who aren't around you. Smile because you didn't have a choice.

As the victors son I was an outcast, not really fitting in anywhere. The other kids just assumed I was some snotty rich boy who had it all, even the adults wouldn't say anymore than a few polite words to me. Nobody knew that my mom had died, nobody knew dad was an drug addict, they didn't know how painful it was to watch him just wither away and have no one there for you.

And now I was here.

Sitting in the small drab room where countless of other martyrs had sat before me, all with the same small sliver of hope that they would return. Me? I had no hope of return, the victors kids were always killed off first, the careers would hunt for them relentlessly, they stood no chance even if they made it out of the bloodbath, they were always killed in the first couple of days.

I clenched my teeth, a sense of dreading in my stomach. I didn't want to die, I wasn't ready. I looked down at my hands they shook with every breath I took. Yes I was going to die, and as expected nobody would save me.

Suddenly I heard the door click open, I look up startled, genuinely surprised anyone had come to visit me. My father was forbidden to visit me due to the fact he would be mentoring me... My father would be training me for my death....

A small frail woman stepped in, she must of been in her early 40's with graying blond hair and tired blue eyes. It took me a second to realize she must of been Celesta's mother.

Celesta, the girl who had selflessly volunteered for a older girl she didn't even know. I remembered how my heart had just cracked open for the little girl as she had just stood there sobbing, I knew I could never kill her.

Mrs. DeLuna looked at me nervously, with a look of pleading in her eye.... At once I knew what she wanted. "I- I don't know how to ask this of you...." She paused, not making eye contact with me. "But... Please take care of Celesta, please! I'll do anything!" She cried suddenly, getting on her knees and grabbing my hands.

She stared at me pleadingly, I looked away biting my lips. I knew what she was asking, what she really wanted. She wanted me to make sure Celesta got home, but in doing so I would lose my life. I know it was selfish, Celesta was younger than me, a better person, and had far more to live for than me, but I couldn't quite get myself to agree to die. Besides if I took care of Celesta, that would just put her in danger, after all I was a target.

I dared to make eye contact with her mother and something inside me caved in a little. "I'll take care of her, but not at the expense of my own life." I said tightly, a little guilt springing up inside me.

Her mother looked a little relieved, but still concerned. "Thank you." she said, though I could tell that she was hoping for a different answer. She stiffly exited the room and left me alone once again.

I leaned back in the chair I was sitting in, feeling sick. I had gained yet another person to smile for.

I sat there unmoving, watching the clock hands tick on the wall above the door, trying to forget my life, my death, and the games. It was half hour before a peacekeeper opened the door and beckoned me to follow him.

Reluctantly I stand up and exit the room, waiting outside are 5 peacekeepers, the district escort and Celesta, whose face is red from crying. I forced a smile to my face and I bent over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "It's ok--" I was abruptly cut off by a peacekeeper grabbing the collar of my shirt and jerking me backwards.

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