Day of the Great devourer

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Nya came on board and told us to land the bounty. We obeyed and lowed the bounty to the ground. The ninjas came running with the Devourer close behind. I was standing with the helm pressing some buttons there, Nya was working with buttons and levers to the left while Lloyd was looking out the window.

"Fire off the engines!" Nya say to Lloyd who doesn't really hear her. Nya repeat herself. "I said, fire off the engines!" She say louder and this time Lloyd do as told.

"There's no wind! And we only have reserve fuel!" Lloyd say as he run over to the machine.

"We've no choice! We'll be doomed if we stay." I say and Nya nod in agreement.

"Use it." She say and now Zane, Kai and Cole literally comes rolling in. (They see me rollin'!... couldn't help it) Jay rolls in a few seconds after.

"Er... Hate to tell you this... but objects in the mirror is closer than they appear!" Jay say talking about a screen that shows what's behind the bounty.

"Thanks for the information that no one cares about right now, Jay!" I say sarcastically as I try to get the bounty into the air. (Ur in normal form btw)

"Blasters are on!" Nya say and we leave the ground. But just before we have the chance to get some more distance from the snake, it bites the back of bounty.

We then boost away from it.

"Woohoo! Take that you stupid snake!" Kai cheers.

The great Devourer slithers fast behind us. It digs into the ground and comes up with a roar on our right side.

"Uh... I think it heard you." Jay say.

"How can it roar like that? It's a snake!" I say waving one of my hands in the air as I use the other one to dodge its mouth.

The overgrown worm misses us, but comes after.

"(Y/N), we gotta go faster! That thing it getting on us!" Kai say to me as he looks through the back window.

"We can't go faster than this!" I say through my teeth being pissed at the Devourer.

"(Y/N)! Try to make it to Scerritt canyon!" Nya call.

"Possibility of us making it so far is lesser than 8%!" Zane say.

"Never tell me the odds!" Nya say annoyed.

"It looks like it's getting in for next attack!" Kai say.

"Port side!" Cole shout and I turn the helm at left.

"We're loosing speed! We'll be loosing height pretty soon! Lloyd say.

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