Chapter 21

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Angel's POV

"You were taking a shower, Alphas." Came Chris' quiet answer.

"Didn't we tell you to notify us if anything happens to her?"

"Yes, you did, Alphas. I'm sorry."

Then I could hear something hit the wall. Someone choking. Gasping for breath.

Growls from the twins got louder and when they talked it was barely understandable because they growled while they talked.

"You disobeyed us, beta."

"I'm...sorry, A-Alphas." Then I realized that one of the twins had Chris pressed to the wall by his throat and that he was the one choking.

I have to do something to calm them down before they kill him! Come on, think Angel, think.

Aha! I got it! I hope it works though or Chris will die. Literally.

I made a low humming noise in my throat.

The room went silent and you could probably hear a pin drop in the silence.

Then I could hear someone - probably Chris - falling to the floor and the twins' strong auras were next to me once again.


Oh, wolfies were still out.

I made a humming noise again and tried my hardest to lift the corners of my mouth upwards, even just a little would do, the twins would notice it.

"Angel!" Xavier and Xander were back in control, I succeeded!

They kissed me all over my face and my hands that they were now holding tightly.

I wanted to open my eyes. That proved to be a very hard task to accomplish. I had to try several times just to open them a little.

Then suddenly they kissed the marks they made on my neck a week ago and my eyes flew open. I was immediately greeted by bright lights and the fact that the room was white didn't help at all. Pressing my eyes closed I tried to get rid of the lights that danced behind my lids before I opened my eyes a fraction. The twins' faces were the only things in my line of sight, blocking the light so I opened my eyes further.

They were looking at me with watery eyes and bright smiles.

"Angel! You're awake!"

The twins nuzzled their noses against my cheeks which made me giggle. Upon hearing my giggles, they opened their eyes again and hummed happily.

Once I got the twins to calm down, they made room for the doctor who checked if everything was alright.

He gave me a clear but told me not to stress myself too much for a few days. Upon hearing that I looked at him with wide eyes and then at the twins who were smiling at me mischievously. From those smiles I knew that I was doomed.

The doctor left the room and so did Chris. I attempted to sit up but the twins were next to me and pushed me gently down by my shoulders.

"Guys." I whined. "I want to get up. The doctor said I was clear to go."

"But he also said not to stress yourself. Which means that we will be with you all the time and you won't try to move by yourself, understood?"

"But, but..."

"No buts. Now let's go to our room."

With that Xander picked me up bridal style and they started walking out of the hospital wing, towards our room.

I rested my head on his shoulder and huffed, knowing that there was no point in arguing with them if they had already made their mind. But it was still worth trying! I'm an independent woman and I'm not going down without a fight because women rule!

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp which made him tighten his arms around me and look at me in concern. He even stopped walking which made Xavier stop walking too when he looked at us and came closer.

"What is it, Angel? Is something wrong? Do you need something? Are you hurt?"

I crossed my arms over my chest and said very clearly:

"I want to walk."

I said it slowly and accentuated every word to get my point across but they only shook their heads.

"Angel, the doctor said-"

"I know very well what the doctor said, I was there, you know. He said not to stress myself too much but he didn't say I can't walk. I haven't walked for a week and I want to stretch my legs a little."


"No buts. Now let me down so that I can walk."

I tried to glare at them as intimidatingly as I could but they just looked at me unfazed, so I tried my puppy eyes and pouted a little.

They groaned and pressed their eyes closed but I wasn't going to give up that easily, so I kissed Xander's neck lightly. That made him growl huskily and look at me with hooded eyes, hunger and desire for me clear in them. I merely raised an eyebrow at him.

I could see him fighting with his wolf but in the end he won and lightly growled saying 'no'.

I bit my lip trying to come up with another plan.

"I'll let you cuddle me later."

That gave me their attention, so I continued.

"If you don't let me walk then I won't let you cuddle me later. But if you let me walk, then maybe I will even give you kisses and play with your hair."

They instantly agreed and Xander put me down gently, holding a hand around my waist to make sure I didn't fall. Xavier was holding my hand and like that we started to walk down the hall.

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