twenty four

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"yo! what the fuck man?" i yelled as ryan pushed me against the wall behind me. my voice shaky as what had just occoured. 

"why the fuck would you do that to her?" he yelled shoving me more until i was straight against the wall. 

"you know why! ... she would show the video." i whispered at the end. 

he shook his head and rolled his eyes at me. he let go of my shoulders and turned around. 

i breathed out and slid down the wall behind me. everything is a mess, i've called her multiple times but she won't answer me. i've screwed this up, i've screwed everything up. 

i threw my phone to the ground and i sighed in my hands. 


thats the girls name, i know kayla has some history with her but this was something way out of hand. 

she had a video of me with some other girl at a party, the same party when i met kayla. but the video was taken before i even say kayla. 

but thats not what it looked like. 

some things happened in that video and i can never let kayla see it. mia made the girl do some things to me and it looked like i was forcing her. 

but i would never force a girl to do anything....

twenty minutes passed, I still sat in the same place. my phone started ringing to i quickly rushed to it. i saw kayla's contact number on the screen and i quickly answered it. 

"kayla?" i breathed out, closing my eyes waiting to hear her voice again. 

"ethan," stephanie

"you need to get here now, kayla ... she," her voice cracked and she stopped talking.

"she what?" i asked, my hand going to my mouth. 

"she was in a crash, she's .. she's in a stable condition i think, well they wouldn't t-tell me anything and-" 

i dropped the phone out of my hand. it's all my fault. 

i couldn't move, it's as if i became paralysed, i couldn't breath, i couldn't feel anything accept for guilt. 

all i feel is guilt. 

my hands covered my eyes and i just cried, it felt weird to cry over something other than my brother. 

he would be so disappointed in me. he would of told me to face the consequences and deal with the video going out there. 

i would still be with kayla if he was here. 

do something he would want you to do

like what 

go to her

i looked down at my phone, that was still on the call. i picked it up and lifted and put it on speaker. 


"ethan are you on your way?" she asked, her voice was so shaky and cracked multiple times. 

"i'll ... i'll be there soon." i said and hung up. 

i lifted myself off the ground and rushed back up to my room. i saw mia half dressed, laying across my bed with her phone in her hand. she turned her head up to me and a small smirk tattooed her lips. 

i shook my head at her and went to my wardrobe grabbing a jumper and some shoes. 

"where are you going?" she asked, placing her hands on my back. 

i turned around fast and grabbed onto her wrist. 

"get. out." i hissed at her. 

she shook her head, a devil glare peircing though my soul. she turned around grabbed her stuff, leaving. but before she left she told me that i was making a bad decision. 

honestly i wasn't. 

i went to my door and watched as she got in her car and drove off. once she was out of sight i grabbed my keys and rushed to my car. i got in, putting the key in the ignition, making the car roar to life. my nerves kicked in as images of kayla in a crash. 

i shook the images out of my head and drove out of the drive way. 


i was going to make a good chapter, but it just turned out shit. but i will be free all friday saturday and sunday so be prepared for better chapters xx

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