Daddy Remember Me?

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Dear Daddy,

         Remember me? You used to call me ME your little princess. I was that little girl you used to carry with your arms. I was that little girl who you used to tuck in every night because I was too afraid of the dark. I was that little girl who used to hold your hand whenever we cross the streets. I was that little girl who you used to kiss on the forehead not because I was shorter but because you wanted me to know that you were and will always be there for me . Now do you remember me? It's me, your little girl, your princess, your daughter.

          It was me daddy, and you haven't got a clue. For some reason you can't remember me. Daddy, I know I have grown up into a teenage girl but I am still your girl. You don't how I missed you so much. You have been acting like I am not your daughter. Giving me the pressure. Daddy I am not like you. I want you to remember me. I have been acting kind of weird lately daddy, I have been wanting to do the things that are kind of impossible. But daddy mind you "Nothing is impossible unless one believes that it is". Remember? You told me that. See dad I never forgot, so why did you forgot about me? Daddy, please remember me., please. Daddy.

            Daddy, if ever you remember me, I just want to tell you this. Daddy, I want to try those things , those new things because, I want to impress you just for once, you never was impressed. It was all you, I wanted you to be happy, but no you aren't because you have your standards and it's just that high. Daddy mind you, I am not you, I am me but I tried. And you never even saw it. You don't know daddy, and you are just afraid to admit it. Daddy,  you don't know how I wanted to here you say  "My daughter, I am so proud of you". You don't know daddy. Your standards are too high and I tried to study my eyes out and I was an honor student, what did I get ? A father that criticizes my grades. It is not bog for you but it is to me. Daddy you are my daddy and I don't want you to change, I just want to just for once here you say those 7 words. Daddy .

              You are, to other people, you are an amazing man, but to me, you are just daddy, the one daddy I have and I won't change you for the world. But just know that I am hurt, I am hurt that you forgot about me. Yeah you see me,  yes you do but you seem to forgot how young my heart still is. You seem to forgot who I really am. Please daddy remember me. Daddy I want you to remember me, the sooner the better, that is why I use daddy. Because you are my daddy not my dad, not my father but my daddy, for my young heart.