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Previously on...

"Yup! Anyways, thanks for watching! See you in the next video!" I say turning off, the camera
Shelby still hasn't said a word after I shut off the camera. That made me worry
"Hey, are you okay?" I started to play with her hair
"M-meet your p-parents... The people who made you... Uh..." She said nervously
"What's wrong with meeting my parents?"
"It's scary, Will! Scary! If they don't like me, what are we gonna do?! We would have to breakup because they didn't approve of their sons girlfriend..." She buries her face into the palms of her hands
"Shelby, that isn't true. My parents will love you! Maybe even more than I already love you." I put my arm around her, and pull her closer to me
"And if they don't..?" She looks up at me
"Shelby, they already love you." I smile
"W-what??? We haven't even met yet..."
"They know about you. They know that I have feelings for you. I would always talk about you. By all the things I say, they seemed to love you. They always hoped that they would get the chance to meet you, even if we weren't together. That's how much they already like you." All these things I said were true.
"What about your siblings?" She asks, seeming a bit more calm
"Oh, they also know about you." I laughed
"You make it sound like, you'd be walking around your house spilling information about me on the floor, and then your family would have to clean it up." She was completely calm now
"Well, I did watch your videos, and you and I would always record videos, so, that explains it." I continue to play with her hair
She gave me a kiss on the cheek
"I guess it won't be that bad after all. When do I meet them?" This time, she was playing with Will's curly? Brown hair.
"Hm... I'm staying in L.A. for another week... So, the week after this week. Or whenever you wanna come." I tell her
"You know, speaking of parents, you have to meet mine, too!" I could see her evil grin
"Okay! I'm fine with meeting your parents. What could go wrong?" I say confidently
"Ugh! I wanted you be as nervous as I was!"

Shelby pounces on Will, and they fall onto Shelby's bed. Will steals a kiss from Shelby, and in return, she steals Will's hat. (You know, that black one, with white polka dots.)
She puts his hat on her head, and runs out into the living room.

"Shelby, give me my hat! I look like an idiot without it." He says, as he chases me
"What are you talking about? You're adorable without a hat on! I don't see why you wear one all the time."
"That's a lie, Shelby! Give me my hat!"
"If you want it, come get it." I start to run around the living room. He continues to chase me

It was Will's turn to pounce. He waited for the right moment. When Shelby was close enough to the couch, he would pounce on her, and she would land on the couch, safe from pain.
Will chased her around a couple more times. The time had come, the positioning was correct. If Will pounced now, she would land on the couch.
I took my chances. I pounced on Shelby, and my plan had worked. She wasn't injured, but she happened to be off guard. I grabbed my hat, and stole another kiss.
"I guess I've taught you well, with the pouncing strategies." She giggles
"You are a big influence, Shelby. That's one of the many things that I love about you."
She kissed me, and I kissed back.
Graser walks into the living room.
"Love bugs, contain yourselves, the rest of the gang will be here to record the fan fic video." He laughs
5 minutes later
We hear a knock on the door. It was most likely the boys
"I'll get it!" I leave Shelby's side to go answer the door
"Hey guys!" I greet Liam and Parker.
"Hi!" Parker greeted
"Where's Andrew?" I ask looking around the hallway
"He went to meet up with one of his friends." Liam said
"Oh okay, well come in!" I open the door wider
"Hi!" Shelby greets them followed Graser
"Are you guys ready to read some fanfic's?" Graser asks with a smirk
"Gee, I'm so excited to read fanfic's about my girlfriend and someone else here." I say sarcastically
"Looks like someone's already jealous!" Shelby says, with a laugh
"I'm not jealous..."
"Will, don't worry! You're my world remember?" She rubs my back to comfort me
"Yes... Thanks, Shelbs." I give her a peck on the forehead
"So, where do you guys wanna read the fanfic's?" Graser asks
"How about here in the living room? I don't think we'd all fit in either mine or Gizzy's room." Shelby stated
"I agree. Let's just film it here."
Graser went to grab his laptop, and camera. Of course, he did not set up the camera correctly. So, I had to set it up.
Shelby, Parker, and Liam were tidying up the living room, and Graser was looking for different fanfic's to read
~skip to when everything is set up~ <-- I like how this looks. It looks classy xD
We all were sat on the couch. The couch was large enough to fit all five of us, and we all were in the frame.
Graser was sat in the middle, since it was his video. Shelby and I were sat on his right, and Liam and Parker were on his left.

"Hello everyone, and welcome back to another fanfic videoooooo! Today I'm here with Will, Shelby, Parker, and H!" I say enthusiastically
"So, guys, today, we're going to be reading some fanfic's! One of the most famous things to read in the fangirl world!"
"You would know, Grase. Since, you're a fangirl." Said Will
"There's nothing wrong with being a fangirl, William." I tell him
"But anyways, Will! We're going to read a fanfic that involves you!"
"Yay..." He says sarcastically
I search up 'Kiingtong' on Wattpad, and the first one that popped up was a Kiingtong x Shubble one.
"You're in luck, Will. The first thing that popped up was a fanfic that involves you and Shelbyyyyy!" I fangirl a bit inside
I looked over at the both of them. I could see Shelby's cheeks change into a light pink
"Okay, I don't mind reading that!" Will says with a grin
"It's called "Happily Ever After" by famgurl"
"Okay! So, let's begin."
We all read the fanfic, because we were all involved in the story
"Shelby and Will lived happily ever after." Will read
"Hopefully that's true!" Shelby said with a giggle
"It is, Shelby. Trust me." Will told her
We read many more fanfic's. Many took turns, and many were predictable. Jealousy was involved, but was resolved in the end. I couldn't help but fangirl at all the #kiibble fanfic's. Little did they know, that I was famgurl, and I was the one who wrote Happily Ever After. Heh... Jokes on them!

Thanks for reading guys! School starts for me tomorrow. I'm so excited. Woot woot. Hence the sarcasm. Also don't you hate it when teachers say that the bell doesn't dismiss you? Like what's the bell for anyways? If it doesn't dismiss me, then it doesn't tell me when to get to class either XD anyways, I made another meme!
Edit: Thank you so much for 1k reads! I'm speechless☺️ You guys are so amazing! Thank you again❤️

 Also don't you hate it when teachers say that the bell doesn't dismiss you? Like what's the bell for anyways? If it doesn't dismiss me, then it doesn't tell me when to get to class either XD anyways, I made another meme! Bye!💜~JameowEdit: Thank ...

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