Chapter Twelve - Date Night

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Arabella's POV:

Gliding down the stairs wearing a beautiful dress and looking forward to see the reaction of your date when he sees you looking beautiful as ever, is probably every girls favorite moment.

I never experienced this moment, but tonight I did.

I was on the middle of the stairs when Alessandro finally turned around and we came face to face.

He looked me up and down and I saw a smile slowly appearing on his lips.
He liked it! I thought to myself.

When I reached the end of the stairs he came closer and offered his hand to help me get down the last few steps.

After that he didn't leave my hand, instead he liftet it and placed a soft kiss on my knuckles.
I felt heat rising up in my cheeks.

He saw that I was blushing and a smirk crept on his face. "You look gorgeous." He said huskily in my ear.
He's making me blush even more.

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself." I complemented him back. He looked hot as fuck in his black tuxedo.

"Shall we go?" He asked and I nodded.

He put his hand on my waist and led me outside to the limousine. The driver opened the door for us and we got in.

I couldn't hold the excitement in me anymore and kissed his cheek which earned me a confused look from following by a smirk.

My cheeks turned dark red when I realized what I have just done. I fucking kissed his cheek.

Looking down in embarrassment I felt his lips on my cheek. He kissed me too.

"I wanted to do that first, but seems like you overtook me." He said smirking.

"I-I..." I didn't know what to say, when he cut me off. "It's ok, I'm an attractive man. It's understandable that you couldn't control yourself." He cockily stated.

"Asshole!" I hissed which made him chuckle.

We finally reached our destination after 15 minutes of driving. And like assumed he took me to a fancy restaurant. I didn't even know a fancy restaurant like this existed in this small town.

We got out of the limousine and he wrapped his hand around my waist and led me inside.
The restaurant was beautiful. The floor was a light gold tone and the walls were filled many mirrors. This restaurant literally screamed rich. I bet one meal costs a fortune in here.

We were led to table near the window with a view on the beach by a waiter. Alessandro helped me sit down on my chair and after that sat himself down on the other chair. We were given the menu by the waiter who the went away letting us decide what we want to order.

"What would like to eat?" Alessandro asked finally breaking the silence between us.

"I don't know, I'll take whatever you take." I told him. I never ate in a restaurant like this and there's obviously no burgers and fries in here so I'll let him decide what to eat. Hope it's good though.

"I'll take the pasta." He said and I nodded.

The waiter came and took our order.

"Why did you run away, Arabella?" He asked me looking directly in my eyes.
"I-I was scared and I didn't want to marry you." I told him the truth.

"You're the only one in this world who shouldn't be scared of me. Even if I want to I can't hurt you." He said softly and I saw honesty in his eyes.

"Why?" I asked. Really Arabella you're asking him why! What a stupid question. I thought to myself.

"You know why." He said and after that the waiter brought us our food and we began to eat.

I couldn't help but stare at him all the time while he was eating. He looked so cute yet classy. The way his jaw moved while he was chewing his food was incredibly hot.

He seems to be nervous because he isn't saying much, which is kind of cute. Even though I should be the one who feels nervous because it is my first date ever, but I don't know why I feel relaxed when I'm with him.

He makes me feel happy and safe and that's probably the best thing a girl could feel when she's with a man.

"Let's go, I want to take you somewhere else." He told me was standing up and grabbing my hand. He paid the bill and led me outside.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked curiously.
"You'll see, angel! You just have to be a little patient." He said while opening the car door for me to get in. "Fine!" I sighed.


Alessandro's POV:

When I saw her coming down the stairs in that beautiful dress I felt like my heart started beating so fast. The beauty captivated me. i've never felt like this. I've never felt this nervous when I was around a woman but when I'm with her everything is different.

Right now we are on the way to the place I'm going to propose to her at. I'm so fucking nervous what if she declines? I don't want to  force into something she doesn't want, but but I can't let her go.

I need her and if she declines I will have to force her I want her and I always get what I want. Besides the fact that she knows too much and I can't let her go even if I want to, but that's not the problem, I want her and that's the most important thing.

After some minutes of driving we finally arrived to our destination. I can't wait to hear her answer and I'm so fucking nervous.

I took her hand in mine and we walked a little till we reached the cliff. The view was captivating  you could see the whole town from up there. I looked at her face to see her reaction and it was priceless. Her mouth was wide open I think she loved it.

"You're taking me to places I didn't even know existed in this town and I lived my whole life here." She said sounding excited.

She was looking at the view and I took advantage of that and got on my knee holding the red velvet ring box in my hand.

"Arabella!" I called her and she turned around to face me.

She was shocked.

"Will you marry me?" I asked her taking in her features. She looked absolutely stunning.

"Alessandro?" She gasped.

"Answer my question, tesoro! Will you marry me?" I asked her again.

There was nothing but silence surrounding us. She didn't speak a word she just stared at me with her hand on her mouth. And I began to panic.

Will she reject me?


End of chapter twelve.

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