The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 20

I took a deep breath as I wrote my name on the paper.

I am going to do great, I said to myself before looking at the question sheet of my math test. I scanned it quickly and smiled when I knew most of the things I had to do. I decided to start with the third exercise though because it looked slightly easier than the others.

I took my pen and started writing, and writing, and writing.

When I was finally done, I lifted my head and looked around for a bit. Some were still writing with thoughtful expressions on their faces and others were just reading their papers or staring into space. Mr. Jack was sitting on his desk, drawing circles on a white paper and looking bored as hell.

I glanced at my watch and was surprised that there were ten minutes left.

I looked back at my paper and tried to find the answers to a few questions I didn’t know. I didn’t figure out any of them so I just reread the ones I already did to make sure they were correct. I wrote all the final answers I got on another paper so that I could compare them to Alex’s answers.

“Alright everyone, time is up, hand in your papers,” Mr. Jack said and we all gave him our papers one by one.

“How did you do?” Alex asked as he returned to his seat behind me. I turned around in my chair so that I was straddling it—of course I was not wearing a skirt.

“Show me your answers,” I said and he gave me his paper. I took a pencil and put a check next to my answers that were like his.

All the ones I did were apparently correct.

“Wow, I think I’ll get an 80/100,” I said, shocked.

“I told you you’ll do great!” Alex said, grinning at me.

“Thanks!” I said, grinning as well. I did well. It felt good to pass a math test!

He ruffled my hair and I frowned at him. He just laughed at my face and eventually I joined him.

Apparently, everyone thought that the test was not bad. Only a few students said that they found it hard.

The next few hours passed in a blur but I didn’t really care much. I was just proud of myself because I did well. I know I’m stupid but I allowed myself to be happy about a math test.

The bell rang indicating that it’s break time now. I fixed my stuff in my cubby and put on my jacket because it was getting cold outside.

I gasped when I saw Alex taking a cherry lollipop out of his bag.

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