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Pen Your Pride

Hey guys, so this is my first book and I really hope you enjoy it!

Ava x <3

Ariana's P.O.V

I woke up to the resouding sound of my annoying alarm clock beeping. Woohoo, another day of school (note the sarcasm). I hated school because I was bullied by nine boys every single day. Yep, you guessed it, they were the vine famous boys: Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, Matt Espinosa, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Shawn Mendes, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson. They fucking ruined my life from day 1 and I didnt even know why! I got ready and wore light blue high-waisted shorts, a high-low cropped sweater and some purple vans. I wore minimal make up: concealer, mascara and baby lips. Oh yeah, and I used foundation to cover my bruises and scratches that they did to me. The had broken three of my ribs before. Let me tell you about myself, I have long light brown hair and bright blue eyes, like Nash Griers. I had tan skin and was fairly skinny.

Anyway, I went downstairs and scoffed down my pancakes and orange juice. I swung my backpack over my shoulder and screamed bye to mom. I decided to walk to school since I only lived a block away from it. As I started walking, I heard a familiar voice saying, "Hey bitch, better move before I run you over slut!" I realized it was 1/9 of my bullies, Taylor Caniff. I didn't reply and just moved and walked in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

I eventually got to school and saw them all waiting for me alongside Victoria, the schools biggest bitch and Taylors girlfriend. "Hey slut", they all shouted. I didn't realize why they called me slut all the time seeing as I couldn't get a boyfriend because of them. Victoria suddenly came up to me and decided to slap me and yank my hair for no reason.The worst part was that nobody tried to stop it, not even teachers. Victoria then siad with her bitchy voice, "I bet you have hooked up with every guy in this whole school". I replied, "Says you, your face looks like a pack of Crayola raped you!"

I knew I was in for it then. The boys rushed to me and kicked me and punched me and slapped me and said things like, "Bitch, how does it feel", and "You deserve to die!" What hurt the most was the fact that Cameron said, "You'll never be loved, you whore so go kill yourself tonight." It hurt me because I used to like Cameron but Nash found out and told him and he told me nobody would ever love me because I am worthless. After hurting me and more or less killin me, I straightened my clothes and makeup and went to Electronics.

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