It. Broke. - Lafayette x Reader

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So I'm gonna start writing again... This is gonna turn out badly
Y/N Pov
I was sitting on the couch with my legs intertwined with my boyfriend, Lafayette. We were watching Moana, because Alex suggested it to us. I look up at his hair and wonder how hard it is to brush his hair, I mean he complains about it all the time.
"Laf?" I asked him.
He faced me, "Oui?"
"How hard is it to brush your hair?" I say while playing with a stray lock of his hair.
"Nearly impossible," he said sighing.
"Would you like me to brush your hair for you?" I asked, bating my eyes. He knew this was another one of my plans to get him to put his hair down.
He sighed, "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you."
I looked at him in shock. He actually agreed to it. I grinned and rushed to grab my hair brush.
I pull his hair out of the bun and it poofs out. He looks like Jefferson with his hair down...
I shrug it off then begin trying to brush his hair.
"Why is your hair so tough?!" I exclaimed while pulling with most of my strenght to get through the knot.
He laughed. "I told you, impossible."
I scrunched up my face and pulled as hard as I can then..
The. Hairbrush. Broke.
"Y/N, what was that?" He asked, knowing fully what had happened.
"YOUR DAMN HAIR BROKE MY BRUSH!!!" I yelled while throwing the handle at the wall, pouting.
"I warned you, mon cher," he lightly laughed while pulling me into a hug.
I looked up at him, "You owe me a new brush."
He grinned, "But of course Mademoiselle! What style would you like~"
I laughed and kissed him sweetly. "Buy me one that won't break."
"Anything you wish mon amour," he said while kissing me all over my face while I giggled.
"Je t'aime, Laf."
"Je t'aime, Y/N."
Sorry it's short but I'm slowly trying to get back into the swing of things. Later✌

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