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Pen Your Pride

chapter 1

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~~  “Today is the day John,” I said staring at the guy I’ve been dying to talk to for months.

          “I’m sorry, the day for what?”

          “John, I am going to get over my fear of talking to him and talk to Skylar.”

          “Oh.” He sighed deeply and his voice was shaky.

          “Hey, I know that tone of voice, what’s wrong?”

          “Nothing just, don’t worry about it.”

          “No, Johnny I am going to worry about it. You are my best friend I will always worry about you. It really bothers me when you don’t tell me what’s wrong. John I love you as a best-friend. Now tell me what’s wrong, please.”

          “Katie I’m fine.” I leaned in and hugged him. I could feel his arms tight around my waist. As a matter of fact I don’t think he was letting go of me. At this point I didn’t want him to. Something obviously wasn’t right.

          “If you ever need to talk John, I’m always here for you.” 

          “I know. Thank you Kate.” His arms got tighter around my waist. After a few seconds I could feel his hands running up and down my back.

          “Kate I don’t ever want to lose you as my friend. You are an amazing, beautiful, and talented girl. That’s coming from me as your best friend.” I couldn’t do anything or speak for that matter. I was in so much shock that I let go, grabbed my things, and left. When I looked back he was staring at me with his bright blue eyes filling up with water, like an ocean. He looked away and over at Skylar. I blinked and tears ran down his face faster than Niagara Falls. 

          I walked out of the room and sat down, leaning against the wall in the hallway.

(Back in the gym)

Skylar walked over to John and sat next to him.

          “Hey, my name is Skylar.” He put his hand out for John to shake.

          “Oh don’t worry I know who you are. I’m John.” Surprisingly, he shook his hand.

          “So that girl you were sitting with, is that your girlfriend?”

          “No she is just my best-friend, why?”

          “Well the past few months I’ve been scared to talk to her. I have also been crushing on her.”

          “Well I happen to know that she is crushing on you too,” he quickly covered his mouth, “I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

          “It’s alright. Well knowing you’re her best-friend and all, do you care if I ask her out and maybe kiss her?” John started to clench his fist.

          “Nope, not at all. Why would I care?”

          “Cool, and because she is your best-friend. You should always care about your best-friend. I will always care about mine, though my best-friend is a guy, I still care about him. He and I are like brothers for life. Well I’m going to go talk to her now.” He grabbed his stuff and headed for the door.

(Back in the hall)

          I stood up as soon as I heard the door open. I peeked behind me to see him, Skylar Grayson, walking behind me.

          “Hey wait up. Your names Katie right? My name is Skylar.”

          “Uh hi and yes,” I looked in front of me instead of at him.

          “I was just talking to the guy you always sit with. He seems like a pretty cool guy.”

          “What were you guys talking about?”

          “Well I asked him about this girl he is always with.”


          “Yeah, that’s you. I heard that you liked me.”

          “What? Who told you that?”

          “John, your best-friend, and I like you too. Every time I see you I just stare at you. Then when you go to turn around where you can see me I quickly stop looking.”

          “Wait you actually pay attention to me?”

          “Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I pay attention to a girl as pretty as you?” He laughed a little bit and started talking. We went up the flights of stairs and through the hallways talking. It seemed like the hallways were never going to end. To be honest, I really didn’t want them to.

          “So what else did you talk about?”

          “You will be finding out soon.”

          We turned the corner and there was my class.

          “Well this is my class,” I pointed to the biology room.

          “I know. Before you go can I show you what we were talking about?”

          “Yeah sure, I guess.” I didn’t know what he was going to do and I was nervous to find out.

          “Now I know I don’t want to be a creep or anything and we haven’t really known each other that long so promise you won’t think I’m a creep?”

          “No I won’t think you are a creep.” He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close looking into my eyes. I felt his left hand set on the side of my face and he pulled me a little bit closer. We stood there like that for a little bit.

          “You have beautiful eyes Skylar.”

          “And everything about you is beautiful,” his hand slowly slid to the back of my neck, pulling me a little closer. I swallowed hard and started breathing heavy. Someone yelled my name from down the hall. I could hear him running down. It seemed to be important.

          “Katie!” It was John. Right as he turned the corner, Skylar slowly leaned in and kissed me. The next thing I heard was a ton of books hitting the floor. He pulled back and turned around.

          “Oh my goodness, John are you ok?” I ran over to him because what I thought had been books, was actually him hitting the floor. Skylar ran over after me. I helped him up and hugged him. 

          “Yeah thanks Kate I’m fine.” The bell was ringing so we got up and Skylar ran to class. Before he left, he quickly kissed me again and hugged me.

          “So I see you two are talking.”

          “He told me you talked to him too John.”

          “I did indeed.”

          “Thanks John. You are a true best friend. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you!” I hugged him tight. ~~ 

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