Bebe x reader x wendy

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this is a request from MythologyLord9 thanx for the request~

~Your POV~ a crush on......bebe......and's so confusing......i love them both, there always fight over me, buy me things, take me places........but I just can't choose......they are just so perfect and could i chose between them, it's basically impossible....

It was just a normal day, Me and my bestest friend tweek were having lunch under my favorite tree, it was very peaceful...birds chirping, classmates quietly chatting, the wind singing into my ears as it goes peaceful..."(Y/N)!!!!!!" until now....."(Y/n) you have to come see this NOW!" Token said running behind the school, I quickly got up and ran after him.

I began to hear yelling and cheering, I ran a little faster... as i ran around the corner, a big circle of people gathered around two people fighting......I went into the crowd to see the people, as I pushed my way through the crowd to the front...I started to see know it is and it is..............WENDY AND BEBE!!!! 

They started to throw punches and hurting each other, "(Y/n) is MINE!" Wendy yelled at Bebe, "NO SHE'S MINE YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" Bebe said punching wendy right in the nose, making blood drip from it. "BEBE!! WENDY!!! STOP!!" I yelled making them look at me, "STOP FIGHTING OVER ME !!! I've made my choice and it's..........Bebe....- Bebe started cheering she ran up to me and kissed my cheek, "I haven't finished.....I'm choosing wendy as well, i'm sorry I just can't choose..." I said blushing madly.

Wendy and Bebe looked at each other and smirked, they looked at me and leaned into my cheeks and kissed them making me blushing, i giggle and kissed they cheeks as well. They giggle to, I grabbed both of there hands, "Let get you to the nurse" We started to walk the nurse, "Oh by the way will you Bebe and wendy be my girlfriends?" I said blushing really hard, "Of course!!" They said that the same time kissing my cheeks again, I blushing again.


I'm so happy!! Today is my wedding day!! I look at my beautiful white dress in the stand mirror, as I stair into the mirror..I think what I have achieved in my life, I got my dream job as a (D/J- Dream job), I got a house with my girlfriends soon the be wife's and i'm getting married today...I couldn't be more happier. My dad came in to tell me that the wedding is about to start, "Are you ready?" I nodded, he took my arm and led me to the back of the (Church, alter etc).

He walked me down the alter, I smiled brightly looking looking at my girlfriends, they turn around looking at me smiling brightly, we got the front and my dad lifted my veil and kissed my cheek, i looked at Bebe and Wendy grabbing their hands.


"I now pronouns you married you may kissed your wives" the (priest, pastor etc) said smiling, I kissed Bebe softly then Wendy, we turned around running out the (Church etc) today we started our lives with a new chapter.

~Hey guys sorry that I haven't been updating, it's school holidays now so im going to update as much as I can!! Love you guys!! And sorry that this story is a little short....~

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