Matts Opinion About SOCKS

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Third Person
Everyone's doing their own thing. Edd's animating while drinking Cola. Tom's playing Susan in his room. Tord and Matt's sitting on the couch. Reading hentai and looking into a mirror. Suddenly, Matt makes an odd statement.
"I don't think anyone should have to wear songs in the first place." He pouts, folding his arms. Normally, Tord would say he's an idiot. Luckily, he's turned on right now from the hentai. Overall in a good mood.
"Well your-Socks can be very helpful when you're trying to keep your feet warm in the winters." As he said this, his hair flowed in the mysterious breeze, all inspirational like. "-In fact, I wish I can wear socks." Tord looks down at his bare feet, feeling a bit cold. Also noticing his tattoo of the Maufia symbol is exposed. He needs to cover that up. However, Matt came up with a stupid idea.
"Oh that's okay, Tord. You can put them socks on you're horns instead." Placing blue socks on his hair, that fits perfectly. Matt begins to laugh. Tord. Well. He's pissed. So, Tord made an extremely scary face that scared the shit out of Matt, making him paralyzed.

Some time later, Edd walks in.
"Tord? What's wrong with Matt?" He asked, looking over from behind the couch.
"Uh..he's frozen. It's too cold in here."
"Hmph." Edd turned up the temperature then left to get more Cola.
Tord made an evil smirk, wearing the blue socks on his feet. Matt seems to drift back into consciousness. Blinking a few times before returning his gaze back at Tord.

"They're for your feet, silly."

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