Chapter 1

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"Molly dear, you need to come home now. Your grandma Kelly is dying and has asked to see you." Mom's voice on the answering machine said.

Molly had listened to the message on her answering machine twice since she'd walked through her front door. Tears streamed down her face as she thought of her grandma Kelly.

Grandma had always understood Molly better than anyone. She'd encouraged Molly to follow her dreams even when those dreams had taken her from the pack. Molly's Alpha hadn't been quiet as supporting, but grandma Kelly had stood with her, giving her strength as Molly had told him what she wanted.

The Alpha was Grandma Kelly's godson, so eventually he had caved!

Taking a deep breath, Molly picked up the phone and called her mom.


"Hi Mom," Molly whispered brokenly, her throat almost clogged with emotion. "I'll be there in hour and a half."

She heard her mom sigh. "Don't do anything reckless Molly, grandma Kelly wants you in one piece."

"I know Mom." Molly said. Then after saying goodbye, they hung up.

Molly quickly filled a suitcase, and after washing her face, she headed out the door.

Molly ended up stopping for something to eat when her stomach refused to be quiet. So, it was closer to two hours when she pulled into her parents' driveway.

Climbing out of her blue Chevy Impala, she grabbed her suitcase from the backseat, along with her purse, and headed for the door of the house. Pausing at the top of the steps, she took time to breath in a calming breath before slowly letting it out.

Then moving forward, she opened the door. Bracing herself, she called out, "Mom?"

Her mom walked down the stairs and gave her a sad smile.

"She's in the guest room." Was all Mom said as she hugged Molly and then went into the kitchen.

Molly headed up the steps slowly, trying to prepare herself. Once at the top, she placed her things in the first bedroom, it had once been hers. Then she headed to the end of the hall and to the guest room grandma Kelly had been staying in ever since she got sick.

The door was open.

"Ah, Molly..." A voice almost whispered from inside.

Molly looked inside the sun-drenched room and wondered how it could be so bright when death was so close.

"Molly, come here." Grandma Kelly said then.

Molly stepped inside. "Why Grandma?" she asked, almost choking on her tears.

"Because I've lived a good life. Now sit next to me, I have much to say." Grandma Kelly answered solemnly.

Molly sat.

"I'm leaving you my house. I know you like where you are but..." Grandma Kelly stopped and coughed "...but I feel like one day you will need it."

Molly nodded.

"Also, I want you to meet my sweet boys. They will be so lost without me." Grandma said with a smile, though it held a touch of sadness and didn't quite reach her eyes.

Molly gave her own slight, and sad, smile.

Grandma's 'boys' weren't boys anymore. They were full grown men! Their parents were both dead, killed by rogues, Molly thought she'd heard. Grandma and Grandpa had taken them in when they were sixteen. They were brothers, twins, but she'd never met them because they'd left the pack for some reason when they'd turned eighteen. Molly had only been twelve at the time, too busy with her own life to worry about what two eighteen-year old boys were doing. By the time they'd returned, she'd been off to college.

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