Just a Spoonful of Love ~Teaser

"My daughter are you ready?" my mom asked me. 

May engagement ball ngayon, my engagement; I am to be engaged with a guy I don't know.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I said as I look at the mirror for the last time. "Goodbye me." naglakad na kami ni mom, she's been weird ever since I begged her not to marry me to a complete stranger.

"Just remember that I will always love you." 

"I love you too mommy."

Nung nasa labas na kami ng mansion, sa iba ako sinakay ni mommy dahil daw dapat may grand entrance ako, I followed her instruction and rode a different car. 

I'm fine with marrying someone I don't love for the sake of our company but still there's a part of me wishing that I won't get married to him. I want to feel what true love really feels like. I want a fairytale love story.

Nasa may highroad na kami nang nagleft turn ang kotse na sinasakyan ko, pero nagstop lang muna kami dun. 

"Why did we stop?" I asked. 

Pero hindi sumagot ang driver instead he started the engine again when a disturbing sound was heard, there was an explosion. I saw cars on fire.

"Mommy!" I cried when I realized that my mom's car was there.

I tried to get out kaso naka-lock yung pinto. "Milady bawal po kayong lumabas."

"Won't we help them?"

May pumasok na lalaki, I know him, he's the assistant of mommy. "Milady as of today you are no longer Leila Kathryn Rutherford."


"Leila Kathryn Rutherford is dead and as of today you are Kathryn Park."

"I don't get you. I'm Leila!"

He then explained everything to me, my mom planned everything, she died for me.

For me not to be engaged with that guy.

She planned our death.

She faked my death.


Teaser ng aking new story. Super love ko na kasi ang KathNiel kaya gumawa ako ng sarili kong fan fiction. Halos lahat ata ng fan fiction nila binabasa ko na adik na ako sa kanila eh. haha 

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