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WinWin and Yuta spent the whole of that night speaking to each other in Yuta's room. They loved spending time together, but of course, this was a more special moment.

It had turned to 4 in the morning and while Yuta was speaking, WinWin accidently fell asleep. Yuta was confused as to why he didn't reply. Yuta opened up his phone and went to the front camera and faced it towards WinWin. He soon discovered that WinWin had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Yuta didn't mind at all, he thought he looked so cute and peaceful while he slept. He snapped a quick picture before slowly falling asleep also.

WinWin was the first to wake up and he was clueless as to why he was with Yuta at first. Then all the happy talks and the confession flashed back to him. He couldn't do anything but smile contently to himself. He glanced at Yuta and his stomach was filled with butterflies. They are finally together- WinWin was ecstatic.

WinWin cuddled up to Yuta and waited for him to wake up. While waiting- Jaehyun wandered in. As he opened his mouth, WinWin gave a loud shhhh to him, which woke Yuta up. Instead of trying to let him sleep, WinWin done the opposite. He face palmed and apologised to the sleepy Yuta. Jaehyun smiled- 'Morning love birds!!' As he said this, both of their faces turned red and WinWin buried himself into Yuta's chest. Yuta was just so happy to have him. Yuta stroked his hair while signalling Jaehyun to leave. Jaehyun obeyed his orders and left them alone.

'We are actually together..' Yuta said in disbelief but he was happy. 'Well.. neither of us have asked each other, so it isn't official yet..' WinWin stated with a cheeky smile which made Yuta laugh. 'Ahh okay, well, WinWin, Dong Sicheng, will you make me the happiest person ever by being my boyfriend?' Yuta happily asked. 'Hmmmm, let me think..' WinWin giggled as Yuta playfully hit his arm. 'Of course I will Yuta!' They hugged and Yuta kissed WinWin's cheek, causing him to-once again-turn red.

The two of them walked to the living room, hand-in-hand. 'OMG, YUWIN IS REAL!!' Johnny screamed. Yuta laughed loudly at him. Johnny's statement drew everyone to the living room. They were all so happy for the both of them. WinWin and Yuta were overwhelmed by the love they were receiving. Yuta looked to see Taeyong smiling at the new couple in the kitchen. Yuta gently left WinWin's side and made his way over to Taeyong. 'Taeyong, thank you so much, but also, I'm so sorry for the way I behaved last night.' Taeyong replied, 'Yuta, I completely understand, no hard feelings. I'm just glad your happy.' Yuta snatched him into a hug. Jaehyun and WinWin made their way over. 'Hey, I just got him, he's mine now!!!', WinWin said sticking out his tongue. 'Don't worry babe, I was thanking him for getting us together.' Yuta reassured him. Jaehyun squeezed his man- 'Awee Taeyong I'm so proud of youuu..'. Taeyong gave him a quick kiss. 'There's plenty more of that for you later, that was just your preview.' Taeyong winked while Jaehyun growled jokingly. That was probably WinWin's and Yuta's cue to leave. But they giggled at the couple, before settling down with the others.

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