Character Pronounciation

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A lot of people have been saying that they don't know how to pronounce some of my characters' names, so I'm going to help them out.

1. Eliezer: eh-lee-AY-zer
(The "ay" sounds like "yay")

2. Alice: (if you don't know how to pronounce this...I have no words)

3. Damien: (read #2)

4. Alesandro: ah-leh- SAN-dro
(The "ah" sounds like the sound you make when the doctor says open wide and sticks that popsicle stick in your mouth)

5. Raven (Mellie): (read #2)

6. Raquel: rah-kell

7. James: (read #2)

8. Jason: jay-sun (also, read #2)

9. Zander: zan-der (also, read #2)

10. Roman: row-man

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