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So in celebration, this chapter is a little different from the others. Written in the style of  Autobot x Reader stories, this time YOU, the reader are included!

Many of you have expressed how much you'd love to meet and cuddle little Comet. Who am I to disappoint? ;)

So here's Chapter 20. This is how you meet Ratchet's Sparkling.


Bumblebee ran after the little orange range rover with a joyful smile crossing his faceplate as it sped around the corners and playfully evaded the scout. Since acquiring a vehicle mode Bee had been coaching Comet on his speed and trying to teach him to drive properly. 

But Comet seemed to be doing pretty well by himself. Because now Bee had trouble catching him. 

Back in the main hanger, Optimus and Ratchet were graced with the scene of Comet speeding in with Bee running after him, now getting a bit tired. Comet turned and drove straight towards Ratchet, who stood ready. The little Ranger transformed back into the little sparkling and flew straight into his Sire's arms. 

"Be careful Comet." Ratchet warned, with a slight chuckle gained from his entrance lining his mostly serious tone. "Speed can be dangerous."

Comet nodded and wrapped his arms around Ratchet's neck once he lifted him up. "OK Sire."

"Good boy." Ratchet said just as the lift beeped, signalling that they had company. A minute later the doors slid open, allowing Agent Fowler to enter. And it was apparent he'd brought company. He'd brought you to meet the Autobots. 

You tailed behind slightly, not really in fear, but in respect. You'd heard such great things about the Autobots. About their size and power. About what they could do. Basically you were currently a mix of awe and anxiousness.

"Good day Agent Fowler." Optimus said in greeting as always. Then he noticed you still lingering awkwardly by the lift. The Prime eyed you in surprise. "And who is this?"

You shuffled a little while Agent Fowler brought you forward. "This is Mr/Miss (Y/N) (L/N). My new assistant. He/She will be working with you now partly, alongside me." 

Optimus nodded and stepped forward so you could better see him. "It is a pleasure to meet you Mr/Miss (L/N)."

In response, you gave a small smile. "Please, call me (Y/N)."

"Of course." He said kindly and stepped back to begin introductions. "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots." 

The Prime then gestured to Bee. "This is Bumblebee, our scout." He smiled kindly at you, and you waved at him. You knew you'd both probably be friends.

And finally, Optimus gestured to Ratchet and his child. "And this is our medical officer Ratchet, and his sparkling Comet." You waved up at the daddy mech, who gave no form of response. His sparkling on the other servo, grinned at you with a giggle and waved at you. You couldn't help but chuckle. He was just so damn cute.

"Hello." You called up to him, prompting to wiggle for freedom from his Sire's hold. Ratchet complied and set him down a few meters from you and your boss. Agent Fowler backed up once Comet waddled over, not wanting a repeat of his last visit. You just stood there. 

Comet stopped just in front of you. Even though he was a Cybertronian toddler, he still towered over you by a few feet. His bright optics were locked on you with great interest. He cooed sweetly and grabbed you, very gently though and brought you to his chest. Comet sat down crossed-legged with you in his lap, cuddling you warmly. 

"Fwiend." He said happily and smiled. You couldn't really move, not that you wanted too. Comet was so cute and innocent, and now he'd chosen you as a friend. He obviously meant no harm, he was just a precious little cinnamon roll that needed to be protected. The Autobots watched quietly, but they all thought it was the most adorable thing ever. Bee managed to grab his camera and started filming. You mentally thanked him for documenting this sweet memory.

Comet released his hold of you slightly once he saw Agent Fowler attempting to slip past him to Optimus. Doing this meant he was within arm's reach. In seconds Fowler was swept up and shrieking (again) before being brought into the cuddle. Fowler struggled as he was forced to cuddle up to you and the sparkling. 

"Prime! Ratchet! Do something!" Agent Fowler yelled and tried to wiggle free. To be honest you didn't really mind. Bee went over and knelt down in front of the cuddle, grinning. Fowler thought the scout was going to free him. Instead he brought the camera into view and readied it.

Fowler glared and growled. "Don't you dare."

"Do it." You mouthed silently at the yellow 'bot. He saw and the camera clicked. Fowler grumbled while you laughed. You made a mental note to ask Bumblebee for a copy of that picture. Comet giggled, following your example. Then Ratchet started to chuckle, as did Optimus.

"This isn't funny!" Fowler yelled over the growing laughter as Bee took more photos. 

"It really is." You replied, still laughing. You were loving this. Comet was smiling down at you sweetly. Now you were hoping that you could babysit him or something.

Comet just became you're favourite part of your new job.


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Also, if you're a Torchwood fan, I'd love it if you could check out my best friend GraceUnderwood5's  story "The Star and Moon". It depicts Jack and Ianto's relationship as they move onto to marriage and adopting a child. She's even started to include the Transformers Prime Autobots! (Because why not!)

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