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/\ April 17, 1965 /\
   /\ Friday, 10:31 pm /\
           Song: She's Always A Woman
       By: Billy Joel


I wiped away the tears that prickled my
puffy scarlet eyes. But using my dampened
sleeve to rub them away only made my eyes
sting in pain.

My tears were begging to fall down my rosy
plump cheeks. But, they had stained each side
of my face one to many times before.
I didn't let them fall.
                I couldn't cry in front of Paul.
I needed to be strong.

        He cupped my cheeks in the palms of 
      his warm tender hands, his big doe eyes
    staring sympathetically into mine. The first
   color I ever saw were Paul's twinkling hazel
      eyes. Or, I suppose you could say colors.

His eyes were pools of greens and browns
and blues, and every time I glanced at them
       my eyes would dive into the colors that
            I've longed to see since I was born.

He connected our foreheads together,
then closed his teary eyes and whispered,
"Jordyn, whatever happens, just remember
you'll always be my little rainbow"

This is a story about how one man
changed my life. How he showed me
the beautiful world in colors far from black
and white. He proved to me that I was no
longer an ink stain, but a painting of bold,
bright, and breathtaking colors that mixed
and splattered in all directions,
covering the canvas all together. Paul McCartney made my life worth living. Without him, I'd truly be
New story yay! I'm just wondering if anyone will read this. Let's find out! :)

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