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When I got back home it was one thirty in the morning.I wasn't sure if my parents had noticed I had gone out.I had to admit I was nervous to face them.I didn't know if they would lecture me again or punish me.I walked up the steps to my front porch.I reached in my pocket for the spare keys I had taken with me before I left.I unlocked the door careful not to make any sound,but as I entered I saw all the lights were on.I winced ready for the wrath that I knew I would definitely get this time.

"There she is!" My mom shouted when she saw me standing in the doorway.She looked frantic,my dad came rushing down the hall.

"Where have you been?Why haven't you answered your cell phone?" My parents went off asking a question a second.Everytime I tried answering one they would cut me off asking one.

"Wait a second here," my mom said eyeing my get up ",she was out at a party!" she yelled throwing her hands up.She looked furious I didn't bother pointing out the factI was at a club,because she would go nuts,not that she wasn't right now.

"Really Rosalie? Really? A party when you know you're at the berge of not graduating!" she yelled,her face growing red with anger.This was the side of her I didn't like,yet I was the one putting her in it.When I didn't answer she kept talking.

"You won't even put in any effort for god sakes! Yet you say you can't when you're the one dragging yourself down.You Rosalie! You! No one is pulling you back but yourself!" she finished looking like she was gasping for air.I notice my dad was in the background looking at me with sadness and disappointment.I wasn't used to that look and it made me sad to see that it was directed at me.I felt so tired that I couldn't bring myself to utter a single word.

"Are you even going to saying anything? Anything at all?" my mom said.I opened my mouth but I couldn't think of a single word to say.Their faces looked defeated as if they'd finally given up.On me.

In all my years my parents have never given up on me.Never.No matter how late I stayed out,what state I came home in.They never once thought of giving up.Now,now it was like they finally realised it was no use.Which was something that didn't sit well in my stomach.I didn't want to be the reason for their disappointment.Usually they just got angry.I could handle that,but not this.They were still looking at me.My dad running his hands through his already tousled hair,my mother looking wary eyed.I wanted to prove them wrong,I really did but how could I? I was a born party animal,it's not like I would give that up.

Sure I could settle down for a minimum of three to four days but not completely.I mean it was in my genes.Whenever I didn't party for more then a week,which hardly happened,I got anxious,fidgety I couldn't sit still.Just when I thought they weren't going to say anything my father spoke loud and clear.

"Okay Rosalie here's the deal," he said.I instantly perked up.When he said it,it wasn't laced with hopelessness or disappointment as I expected but with..determination? determination for what?

"I didn't ever think I'd be saying this but it seems you've left me no choice." He said looking at my mom.They seemed to be silently communicating.

"You either get your act together and hope you graduate," my dad said looking me dead in the eyes ",or you have to move out after High School." he finished.

"Okay," I said trying to clarify ",so you'll kick me out of I don't graduate High School?" I asked.

"Yes" they both said.Kick me out? Kick me out?

"But..but how can you ask me that? How can you.." I tried to say.