Chapter 2

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"Karma? Laelyn gets taken and that's all you can say?" I shouted.

"He found us, which means we have less time than I had prepared for..." Jaycen said to himself. "I suppose that means we-"

"Where did they take my sister?" Link yelled angrily, walking closer to Jaycen. My own rage subsided slightly; I'd never seen Link angry.

"I... Do not know-" Jaycen began.

"You don't know?" Link whispered, getting even closer.

"Well no, however-"

"Find her," Link threatened.

"Woah, what's wrong with you?" Isaac asked. "It's not his fault!"

"I just got my sister back, there's no way I'm letting someone take her," Link mumbled, his fury dying down. "Where did he take her?"

"Maybe back to Soryx?" Mason suggested.

"That'd be stupid," Isaac replied. "Unless of course it's another trap."

"It is worth an attempt," Jaycen shrugged.

"What if she's not there? What then?" I panicked.

"We're talking about Laelyn, okay? We can't make mistakes right now, her life could be in the balance," Link reminded.

"We realize that," I quipped.

"If I may-" Jaycen began, but Link and I promptly cut him off.

"No!" we said together, voices raised.

"Alright," he gave in, sitting against the wall. Grace scowled at me and sat down next to him.

"We can't just sit here while Laelyn's in danger," I said, exasperated. Link nodded in agreement, but the others weren't so sure.

"What if we end up in the wrong place?" Mason asked.

"I don't know!" I replied.

"Let's just go back to Soryx, for all we know it could be that easy," Isaac suggested. I raised my eyebrows at him. "I know what I said, but I've gotta admit I do hate sitting here doing nothing."

"Fair enough," I shrugged, ready to conjure another portal. "Jaycen, are you immune?"

"Of course, all the Descendants are-"

"A simple yes would be fine, thanks."

I stepped closer to the wall of the school - it was always easier to use magic against a surface, so you couldn't misjudge distance. Concentrating all my energy just like I had before at the mountain, I closed my eyes and extended my hands. I felt the energy rushing out through my palms, and heard Grace's gasp. Smirking, I opened my eyes and stood back proudly. I'd created a portal!

"What is that?" Grace asked, reminding me that she knew very little about what was going on - but at the moment, I really couldn't care less.

"Let's go," I said, ignoring her question completely. Without checking to see if anyone would follow, I jumped through the portal.

Author's Note!

Sorry these are so short guys, but there's a reason for that! I'm going to try really hard to keep to an uploading schedule, so I will be posting shorter chapters each week. I'm hoping this will be better than whatever my schedule was last book XD

Alright, so how are we feeling about the character dynamics right now? And all the emotions showing different sides of characters? Let me know in the comments! Love you all!


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