Chapter 18

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Daiyan waited a little too patiently for his little girl to show up. Maybe he should have told her that he was waiting outside for her so that they could go back home together. Yeah, the case was sort out and those hooligans were behind bars but now he couldn't trust every person living in Gwalior with Safiya Jameel. He didn't want history to repeat itself.

Finally, Safiya came from the exit with Vishakha in tow as they were chatting non-stop. Seeing her, he remembered their awkward talks in Delhi. Safiya seriously had no filter or could say a thinking mechanism before saying. She was so casually discussing their relationship that Daiyan had to move away from her to calm down his embarrassed self.

The ladies were still talking and it was Vishakha who spotted him. Then came what he hated most, their eye language and the duo bid their goodbyes after hugging each other. Safiya quickly came running towards his car, a smile breaking on her fine features.

"My, my! Who showed up so suddenly!"

Safiya faked a surprise, keeping her hands on her mouth for way too exaggeration. Daiyan rolled his eyes, "Come, I will drop you home."

She opened the car door without any arguments. "Okay. Though it is not necessary as the case is now closed." and sat on the back seat, putting her backpack on her side.

"Yes, but Aaban has not put every hooligan behind the bars. That's why I thought I should drop you home. "

Didn't know why he was giving her so much explanation? He wanted to drop her and he was doing it. Why it was a matter of so much thought and questioning?

So unlike of you!

"Don't you think our destination is same. It's our house." There she did it again. Safiya was again talking absurds without thinking and pushing him to think that she had the same feelings as him which was not the case. Because this Safiya Jameel was so silly, so childish to know anything about likeness or about love." So instead of saying like 'drop you home', you can say ' let's go home.'"

Daiyan remained silent for a minute then mumbling a 'whatever', he started the car engine.

" Just focus on it. Oh my God! Am I not a genius? You should give me some credit Mr. Daiyan. How philosophical I have become."

Safiya was still on that same topic, praising her philosophical abilities too much. That girl was seriously something else, a beautiful mixture of childishness and maturity. Jumping from one topic to another just like a child and getting serious when it was needed like an adult.

"Don't tell me you have started reading poetry. "

"Kill me before I do something like this."

Safiya groaned coming closer to the driver's seat with her usual habit of holding the headrest. Her nose crinkled in a gentle way as she remembered something.

"You know I don't hate poetry but those romantic and love couplets are gross. You know, what's even grosser?" Daiyan glanced at her and shook his head before fixing his gaze again on the road. "Those romantic books where the hero is so romantic that he reads these love couplets for his better half. It's so annoying. I mean, I will strangle my husband to death if he did something like this."

A sudden cough erupted from Daiyan as he heard the warnings of his little girl. Seriously! She was only talking about her future husband and he paled here. But really, her warnings were totally lethal.

"Are you okay?"

He nodded coughing and trying to calm himself. Safiya handed him her water bottle, "Stop the car at one side then drink."

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