Chapter 6

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Leigh and Jesy can't stop being lovey dovey and snogging in front of us. "Jed. Let's talk about something, I feel want to puke right now." I nudge Jed who sat next to me. "Why? They are so hot. I don't mind if I'm join them." Jed said eyes still watching them. I slap his arm. "You're pervert Jed." He chuckle shook his head. "I'm joking babe.  How is with Perrie?" He ask made me frown. "She is busy." I look down as he put his hand on my back.

"Hey, look! is that Perrie?" Jed whisper on my ear and pointed on the clock 3. What the hell! That's my Perrie with... three girls? They talk and laugh. "Oh, you right Jade. She's really busy with her new girls." Leigh said annoying made me more upset. "Yeah, look at that skinny girl whisper something and very close to your girl." Jesy said. They are not help me. "Come on guys, we need to calm her down. Jade. Maybe she is done with her work and have dinner with her friends. You can ask her later and now let's eat our dinner first. Food coming!" Jed tried to calm me down. And he was right, our food is coming and I'm so starving.

I took glance to Perrie. I'm lucky to wearing Jed's Jack Daniel cap. She will not see me but I can see her. Who is that skinny girl? She can't keep her hand to her self. "Move your hand from my girlfriend bitch!" I mumble but Jed heard me."aww.. miss Thirlwall get jealous." Leigh said again. I throw her my straw. "Oii.. watch out." She said.

We're done with dinner now we're decided to watch cinema. We got up and we're walking out. Perrie saw me. I think she recognize me. "Jade!" Crap. She knew it. I turn around and took off my cap. She walked towards us. She pulled me closer to me. "What are you doing here?" She ask little bit pissed off.

"Have dinner with friends." I said cold. "Dinner with friends with this guy? Are you sure he is just your friend? And why you didn't tell me?" She crossed her arms on her chest. "Aha... so funny. I sent you a lot texts and none of them got reply. I was thought you were busy with your work, and I'm right. You're busy with those girls." I pointed three girls who looking at us.

She sigh. "Let's go home." She hold my wrist. "No, we will go to cinema." I said. "Just let Jade happy with her friends Perrie. You can enjoy your dinner with your girl in there, so why Jade can't be enjoy with her friends?" Leigh said. "Shut up Pincock! Jade, let's go." She want to drag me out but Jed stopped her. "Jed... don't." I know cause it will not good after this.

"She's my girlfriend, fuck off." Perrie looks so angry right now. I gave my friends nodded and weak smile. "Let's go Perrie." She tightening her grip on my wrist. She drag me harshly and push me to get in her car. "Ouch!" She never like this to me.

She driving so fast. We're not talk just silent in the car ride. I felt my tears rolling down on my cheeks. I wiped away and look out to the window.

We're arrive at our house and she still drag me in to our room. "Perrie! You hurt me." I rubbing my wrist. She throw me on the bed. "I told you to not be near him!" She yelled at me. "What's the matter? We're just friend!" I yelled back and then she slapped me. I crying harder, because it's really hurt.

"Oh my God. Jadey.. baba... I'm sorry." she hug me and crying. What's wrong with her? I still crying on her chest. She hold my head and then cupped my cheeks. She wiped my tears. I still sobbing and avoid her eyes. "Baby.. I'm sorry.. I didn't-" "I know." I cut her off. "I know you will say that. What's wrong with you?" Now I look at her.

"It's just... I- I don't know." She look down and crying. I hate it when she crying. But why she always made me cry? "Do you still love me?" I ask her. "Wh-what? What do you mean?" She looked at me.

"Do you still love me?" I ask her again.
"Yes. I love you baba." She say it, but I can't see the spark on her eyes.
"Are you in love with that girl?"
"The skinny girl who can't keep her hands to herself. The girl who always want to be closer to you."
"No... that's not true. I love you and only you. You have to believe me." She kiss me forehead.
"Will you tell me if you in love with someone else?" I ask her softly.
"I will. I want you in my life. I... I want to marry you soon baba." She said smile

I love her so much. I have to believe her. She will marry me soon. If she doesn't love me anymore, she will marry someone else. Not me right? Maybe it was because we spend less time together and I'm too scared to loose her.

We're laying on the bed cuddling. She wrapped her arms around my body while my head rested on her chest. "Do you like Jed?" She ask softly. "Nope. I never like him." "Then why you hang out with him?" "It because he always ask me out everyday and I got it so annoying. So, I agree to went out with him but I ask Leigh to came with me, even he want it was just me and him, I didn't want it. I miss you tho. You didn't even call me or text me." She caressing my hair. "I'm sorry baba. I promise it will not be happen again. I love you." She kiss my head.

"I love you too Perrie. Just tell me if you don't love me anymore." I said. "I will never say that." I smiled. I wish that is true from your heart.

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