F O U R T E E N .

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It was the next morning, I woke up before my alarm because I felt really hungry. I felt too lazy to get up so I just laid there for awhile, I looked at JB and he was asleep peacefully beside me.

I turned onto my side and stared at him admiring his handsome face. Why haven't I realized how handsome he was? Then I suddenly remembered about the dream I had last night, I dreamt Jaebum was kissing me.

I felt my heart flutter and I felt my cheeks get warm, so I knew I was totally blushing. As I was trying to calm myself down I didn't realize JB was staring at me, "Omo! I thought you were still sleeping." I said surprised.

"You were moving around too much." he smiled. "Sorry.." I smiled back. "Good morning by the way." he said. "Good morning Jaebum."

He propped himself up with his elbow and lifted up my t-shirt exposing my belly. I grabbed his arm because I was surprised by his sudden action.

"W-what are you d-doing?" I felt my cheeks go red.
"I'm saying 'good morning' to our baby, it that okay?" he smiled at me.

"Oh." I felt embarrassed. JB hugged my waist while resting his head on my exposed stomach, "Good morning my little peanut, I love you so much." he says. I just fell in love with the site I'm seeing, Jaebum will make a great father.

Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. Am I falling for him? Part of me still loves Jimin, but I need to forget about him. "We should have breakfast now" JB said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm starving." I said excitedly, We took turns getting dressed then walked into the kitchen, I noticed Eunwoo wasn't up yet.

"Ugh, I got to go wake up Eunwoo." I groaned with annoyance. "Okay, I'll get breakfast ready for us." I nodded then walked to Eunwoo's room, I knocked and no answer.

I started banging on the door, "Eunwoo! Wake up! You're going to be late!" It's so early in the morning and he's already giving me a hard time, I'm starting to feel like the oldest one here.

I opened the door revealing a passed out Eunwoo. I walked up to his bed and kicked his leg "Wake up!" I yelled. He just groaned and turned over. I swear if I wasn't pregnant I would've flipped his mattress by now.

"Eunwoo! Wake up!!" I started shaking him. "Just 5 more minutes Grandma.." I giggled at him, he must miss her.

"Cha Eun Woo!, if you don't wake up I swear I'm going to pour water on you!" to my surprise he got out of bed. I didn't think that would work, he didn't even look or say anything to me. He just walked into the bathroom and took a shower.

After that, I walked into the kitchen. JB looked at me, "He finally budged?" I nodded, "I just wanna eat already..." I pouted. "It's almost done Y/n." he smiled at me. My heart started fluttering again. Damn heart, stop it!

Food was finally done and we all ate. Also to my surprise again, Eunwoo left earlier than us. We walked out and started walking to school, it was silent for awhile until JB finally said something.

"Uh, Y/n?"He called my name. "Hmm?" I looked at him. "You want to do something, sometime?" he asked, I looked back at him. "L-like a date?" I stuttered.

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