Chapter 35

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"The weather is nice today," Zulema said quietly as she sat next to Harry on his bed. The first day of school after winter break was quite easy, since work was hardly given out. She blamed everyone at school for being lame. Nothing eventful happened so there was nothing to talk about. About school at least.

New Years was oddly anticlimactic as well. When Harry invited her to his home, she politely declined, saying that she wasn't in the mood. It hurt him a little bit but he understood.

"It is," he mumbled and looked down at his lap.

Zulema sighed and then nodded. She felt her eyes get glossy and so she looked up at the ceiling, trying desperately to blink the tears away.

He looked at her, narrowing his eyebrows, "are you crying?"

She sniffled and shook her head, "no."

"You don't have to cry. We'll... we'll get through this," he said with a hand on her shoulder.

Zulema nodded and wiped a tear off of her face, "how did we let it get this far?"

Harry sighed then looked down again. How did they let it get this far? The answer was clear. They're teenagers. Teenager don't think clearly half the time- especially sex crazed ones like them.

"I don't know," he spoke vaguely.

Zulema inhaled deeply and breathed out through her nose. She couldn't stop playing with the inside of her cheek and found that a new habit of hers when she'd get nervous.

"I made the appointment."

Harry looked up beside him to face her, "y-you did?"

She nodded.


"You probably don't want to hear his but..." she hesitated wondering whether or not he was truly angry at her. She knew he wasn't but there was this burden on her chest telling her that he is secretly upset, "I need some money t-to pay for it," she told him very quietly. She never knew if his parents were walking down the hallway or not.

Harry froze. Not in a bogus way, but in an anxious way. She was going to go through with this. She'd made an appointment and was going to go through with it. Everything was just all happening so quickly and he couldn't pause to take break. It wasn't her fault, they were just reacting differently. Zulema wanted to put it in the past and he wanted to wait.

"Oh. Of course. Yeah. I have some money saved up," he nodded, "how much is it- how much do you need?"

Zulema shook her foot nervously, "its five hundred, but two hundred is fine.
I can cover the rest-"

"No I can pay $350," he replied.

"I told you, it's fine. I have money," she told him.

"Stop thinking that this is your price to pay, alright? You're going through enough already, just let me pay this," he said straightforward. It was the least he could do. After all he wasn't the one that had to experience all the effects and symptoms of a pregnancy.

"Thank you," she nodded. She would have continued to reject his offer if it weren't for her feeling so nauseous.

They continued to sit there awkwardly, Zulema clutching a pillow to her stomach all while fumbling with her hands. She thought about what she could say, but nothing interesting came to mind. Not even the letter she had gotten. Zulema thought she could just forget about it and pretend it was never there.

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