Chapter 2 - Prissy Pink Princesses

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Dianna's jaw dropped, did Maleficent actually say that they'll be going to Auradon? the home of their sworn enemies? where love conquers all? where being good is considered "cool"? No, she could't have said that.

"You're not being serious are you mom?" Mal said, her face struck with confusion, Dianna turned to the rest of her friends, Carlos shuddered almost as if in fear, Evie flinched but then smiled at the thought, and Jay doesn't even seem bothered by the idea. Maleficent smiled as she walked over to where Mal was, now inches away from her.

"Do I ever joke Mal?" Maleficent backed away from Mal as she went over to seat on her favourite green armchair, Dianna always found it a bit tacky and out of place, but no one questions Maleficent. No one.

"What?! There is no way in hell that I'm going to some preppy boarding school with prissy pink princesses in pink sparkly dresses –"

"And perfect princes!" Evie interrupted,Mal raised her arms towards her as if to say "what?!" Evie then continued, "Ugh.". Jay was simply complaining about the dress code when Carlos, still fearfully quiet walked up next to Dianna and Mal and Evie.

"I read somewhere that there are dogs in Auradon? Mom said they're rabid pack animals that devour people in their sleep." Carlos looked haunted as he turned to the sky and shuddered in fear, only to jump as Jay decided to bark in his ear. Carlos gave him a jab on the shoulder, but Maleficent pounds her scepter on the floor, each pound becoming harder and harder until Dianna and her friends become silent.

"Listen to me, all of you."– She points to the group –"You will go, you will find the fairy god mother and you will bring us back her magic wand. It should be really simple for all five of you." She says as she then points directing to her and the groups parents as they nod in unison. Mal was infuriated she stood at the front of the chair.

"I'm. Not. Going." She says with her arms crossed. Maleficent grew vexed, she stood from where she sat, as she inched closer to Mal, and as she gripped her by the collar of her jacket, both hers and Mal's eyes glowed a bright hue of green. Both stared into each other as the green from both their eyes almost looked like it was shimmering, and moving. A few seconds passed and Dianna noticed that Mal started wincing, followed by shuddering. Eventually she shut her eyes and the green faded away from both her and her mother's eyes.

"I win, now, get packing, you will be leaving immediately." Maleficent said, she shooed them away, the group disbanded as they returned to their own respective parents. Dianna was about to leave before Maleficent grabbed her by the wrist.

"Dianna, I'm counting on you. I need you to make sure that the wand is in Mal's hands when you finally get it. I might have figured out a way to get your father out of the underworld, but the wand is crucial in order for it to work. So if you ever want to see your father again, I suggest you get started planning on how to grab that wand right from under their noses." Dianna froze, the thought of being able to see her father again, it almost brought tears to her face. Though she may have not spent enough time with him for her to actually remember what he looked like, the thought of having her parental figure again was a nice thought to her.

"I won't fail you, I promise." Dianna replied, Maleficent simply nodded in reply as she went over to Mal to prep her for what's to come. Dianna hurriedly rushed back to the apartment that she and her friends shared.


To enter their apartment was a little tricky, gated like an elevator, you had to throw a moderately heavy rock towards a sign that said "Danger! Flying Rocks!" in order for the gate to open which would lead to a three story staircase leading up to their apartment. Dianna entered their shared apartment, she went over to her side of the room with a wall of her portrait with flames of red and blue fire surrounding her graffitied on her wall ( Courtesy of Mal, obviously.) She chuckled as she began to pack.

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