AN; no this does not have to do with self harm. This is through emotion also the criminal who attempted to ruin Poth will be discovered on Ch.33 for those of you waiting paitently😄. Now that thats cleared up, enjoy!* bows and backs away dramatically*

Ch.28 Hurting again

I opened my eye's to see a orange and yellow faint glow in my blurred vision.

I tried to sit up quickly as possible but stopped almost instantly as a sharp pain went through my torso.


Nononononononono! I should have kept my eye's closed! (Am i the only one that thought of Zane Ro'meave saying this?)

I thought as I saw people running around frantically. My heart beating fast like last time as loud pitched sirens echoed throughout the area, I felt something rolling down my face.

I lifted my hand and touched it seeing blood. Tears involuntarily fell from my eye's as I looked at my torso where my ribs are, blood was seeping out of my wounds and through my shirt. Despite being outside I felt like everything was closing in, as if the sky was falling and the ground would swallow me within seconds.

"Fresh! Fresh! Look at me!" A woman like voice paniced as I painfully sobbed.

I want it to stop!

"Stop get away!"  The woman that held me shouted as I looked away.

I don't want to remember!

In my line of eye sight was my skate board, it had blood on it making me look away. Every where I looked only worsened my state of mind, so I shut my eyes hoping it would disconnect me from the world.

I didn't want this to happen. It wasn't suppose to happen.

Yelling, banging, and screams were heard as I heard desperate crying all around. Every one and everything, screaming for clarity in their own way as I cried harder.

It's just a dream! Its just a dream! Nothing more than a nightmare of a memory!

I tried to ignore the realistic feeling of arms wrapped around, feeling a cold object next to my arm.

"Don't!" A voice screamed as more paniced yell went off the moment a gun was fired. A sharp buzzing sound went through my head as I gritted my teeth, I went to open my eyes but two hands covered them.

I was quickly layed back on the ground still crying, as the buzzing in my head became a piercing sound.

I was grabbed by the shoulders roughly.

"Don't fall asleep stay up! Fresh! Wake up!" I cried harder wishing everything would just fade away, now I couldn't breathe.

I opened my eye's to look into the person's eyes, it was like time stopped. Then I blinked.

"Wake up, Nerd!" PJ's voice said as my eyes shot open staring back at his mitch matched eyes. I was back in his room, on the extra bed being held up by PJ. I just realized my face was completely tear stained, and he could see it plain as day...

He sat in front of me holding my shoulders almost desperately, he had a frightened and confused look on his face. Soon how ever it turned to anger.

"What the hell was that!?" He whispered yelled at me as he slapped me.

I was too shocked and confused to say anything as he pulled me into him apologizing quickly, I inwardly paniced as he wrapped his arms around me...but then... I relaxed for some reason... I blushed holding onto his shirt as he held me in his arms.

"I'm sorry that I hit you, I just- I was just were having a panic attack in your sleep..." He mumbled as my eye's widened.

Panic attack? In my sleep!?

My grip on his shirt tightened as I forgot who I was with, focusing on how it could have happened.

I felt renewed tears build up and flow over my eyes down my face.

I had a panic attack in my sleep.

I could have died if it wasn't for PJ.

I breathed in more as I felt him pull me closer, next thing I knew I was silently crying into his shoulder as we held each other.

He just silently sat holding me not having a clue of what on earth to do. What he did next scared me but also still calmed me.

He pulled me down onto the bed with him covering us with the blanket, my face going a whole new shade of blue.

"P-PJ what are yo-?" I stuttered until he put a finger to my mouth making me close it instantly.

"...Just relax and go to sleep." He whispered cradling me into his arms, I barried my face in the crook of his neck; afraid he would see the now dark blue tint on my face.

I wanted to ask why he was doing this, but due to the warmth he gave off I felt tired.

Little by little my body relaxed and my mind slowly dozed off here and there, until it was almost every second I fought to keep my eyes open.

My body moved closer to him as if on instinct, as I felt strangely at peace in the persons arms I least expected to be with. I was so tired I didn't even notice the pair of arms that wrapped around my waist.

He lightly rested his head on top of mine as I began to drift off into sleep, as he was rubbing gentle circles on my back.

"...What's wrong with me?"

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