He Takes You In- Cole

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It's been so long since you last saw your brother. And you recently found out you have powers.

"Y/N!" Your dad called.

"Yeah dad?" You said going to the living room.

"I enrolled you back into school, and this time your staying in."

"Dad, I don't want to be a dancer!" You yelled, getting frustrated.

This was the third time this happened, he always wanted you to be just like him, ever since Cole left.

"You are going and that's final!" He said.

"No!" You shouted.

And that's when you lost control, things around you began to float, or fall to the ground.

"No, no, no." You ran out of the house.

"Y/N come back!" He yelled after you.

You ran through the streets of Ninjago City. The Gravity around you lessening or increasing as you ran past.

#On the Bounty#

"Guys we have an emergency!" Nya yelled as she started stearing the bounty to Ninjago city.

"What's going on?" Cole asked.

"There's news of an elemental master running through the streets of ninjago city." Lloyd said.

"What kinda master?" Kai asked.

"A master of Gravity." Zane replied.

Cole gasped a little at this, you had texted him a few days earlier about this.

#A few days earlier#

Cole was training when his phone went off.

*new message from, Pebble💎*

Pebble💎: Cole something is happening to me, I'm scared.

🍰CakeBro🍰: Okay calm down, and tell me what's going on

Pebble💎: I got mad at dad, again. But when I ran to my room, things started floating, or falling hard to the ground. The worse my anger and fear got, the worse it became.

🍰CakeBro🍰: Y/N, you might be an elemental master.

Pebble💎: What!?

#Present Time#

"Guys that's my sister." Cole said out of nowhere.

"What?" Nya asked, they were all very confused. "You have a sister?"

"Yeah, no time to explain. I have to get down there."

Nya nods and takes the ship down.

You ran faster and faster through the streets.

Getting more scared as time went on.

"Y/N!" a voice shouted from behind you.

You turned around and saw your brother, "Cole?"

As soon as you saw him, the gravity around you began to level back to normal.

"Yeah, it's me. Listen it's okay. Just calm down." He said soothingly, holding his arms open.

You ran to his open arms, and hugged him.

"I-I'm scared."

"Don't worry, I'm taking you home with me. Sound good?" He says hugging you tight.

"Yeah, sounds perfect." You said as he smiled at you.

Things were definitely going to get better.


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