Team Flash x Male!Reader|Veneno

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This is a male reader guys! It was requested by: TheWarriorBear
If you want a personal request, feel free to ask!

"So, i got some news." Ian said as he walked into CC Jitters.
Caitlin, Cisco, and Barry were all seated at the table you usually all sit at.
"Good? Bad? Tell the facts, dude." Cisco said.
"I got into the university today..." He mumbled.
"University? Really?" Barry smiled at you.
"Yeah." Ian chuckled when he nodded his head.
"I remember when i got into University." Cisco nodded.
"R-Really? How was it?" He asked Cisco as he plopped into the seat.
"Well,  it was sort of easy. It's like..let's say riding a bike. Except..that bike is on fire. And the ground is on fire. And everything else is on fire because you're in hell." Cisco explained in his own little way.
This left Ian kind of worried, and nervous.
"Thanks, Cisco." Ian shakily said.
"He's only kidding, Ian." Caitlin smiled.
"Yeah. But don't worry. Aftera, you are Veneno." Barry smirked as he whispered to Ian, who sat there hyperfocused on the situation here.
It surprised you that you didn't even think about who you are. What you can do. Who you've went up against. It's amazing how it all slipped your mind. But as usual, the team is there to help.
"All it takes is a little responsibility and a whole lot of decision making." Cisco nodded.
"Decision making? Wow. How am i supposed to make big decisions when i still have to sing the alphabet in my head to get to a letter?" Ian laughed out loud.

Ian's laughing stopped when there were gun shots right outside the building.
"Everyone get down!" Iris, who was at the counter, yelled to everyone.
Ian and Barry gave each other a look that Caitlin and Cisco knew very well. The look of: KICKING SOME ASS.
"I'll run us to S.T.A.R Labs to get the super-suits." Barry whispered.
"That'll be kind of awkward." Ian whispered back.
"What? How?" Barry whispered in confusion.
"You'll carry me through the city bridal style and I'll probably be singing 'We Are The Champions.' I don't know man, I'm under stress." Ian said.
"What is wrong with you.." Cisco mumbled.
"Just...Just don't make it weirder than it has to be." Barry grumbled.
Within a blink the two of them were in S.T.A.R Labs getting suited up.
"I kinda wish i was superman so i can just rip my shirt buttons and show off my chesticles.." Ian thought out loud.
"Okay, you stop talking." Joe's voice said.
"Joe!" Ian exlaimed.
Before Joe got to reply the two of them were back in CC Jitters standing in the middle of the room.
Ian let out a load of vomit. It grossed everyone out but they haven't experienced running with a speedster.

"The Flash! Veneno!" Everyone chanted. They all looked scared, grateful, and nervous.
The two of the hero's ignored everyone and went down to business.
Veneno started with a shot of web,from his suit, onto the ceiling and pulled himself up there.
He creeped his way to the window and groaned out loud.
"Flash, he's right outside." Veneno whispered.
"Got it." The Flash nodded.
" of them." Veneno mumbled.
"5? No problem!" The Flash smirked and ran outside.
"Hey!" Veneno heard The Flash yell.
Gunshots were heard as well and so was shouting.
Veneno quickly went out there to fight some men. The Flash already handcuffed 3, so there was 2 more to handle.
"Leave me one!" Veneno shouted.
"No promises." The Flash shrugged.
Veneno rolled his eyes under the mask before punching a guy in the jaw.
"Spider freak!" The man yelled.
"Criminal!" Veneno hissed before unarming the man.
Veneno threw the gun up into the air and shot a web to it, leaving it on CC Jitter's wall.
That won't be down for a long while.
"Veneno behind you!" The Flash yelled.
As soon as Veneno heard this he ducked, and pushed a leg out with a twirl, making the last man standing fall.
"Pathetic." Veneno mumbled.
The Flash handcuffed the last 2 men without any problems.

"Alright!!" Cisco smiled when The Flash and Veneno walked into CC Jitters.
"Everyone! Outside is safe! The police should be here soon!" Veneno said.
Everyone in CC Jitters clapped and smiled.
The Flash grabbed Veneno and started to speed down Central City.
"WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!" Veneno sang right before throwing up in the S.T.A.R Labs cortex.


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