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He cuts you off. "I'll explain later, let's first go home." He carried you bridal style.

You blushed and lucky for you, he noticed it and of course him being a flirt he is, winks at you. That made you even more embarrassed.

As the two of you are on your way home, you punch him playfully. He groans and gazes at you with an annoyed look.

"Why did you do that?!" He asked as he halted into a stop.

"That's what you get for scaring the hell out of me and you're the reason why I can't walk right now!" You whisper-yelled.

He just chuckled and gave you a closed-eye smile, saying sorry after.

You bit your lip as you look away, obviously hiding your blushing face from him. He began to walk again.

You and Killua are childhood friends. Well, you're still best friends. Truth to be told, he's your crush since then. Your feelings for him ver faded away, he's still your crush even if years has passed. Wait is it still a crush? Maybe yes, maybe no. It's still unsure. Your thoughts made you furrow your eyebrows which Killua had noticed.

"You okay?" He asked, concerned which you responded by a nod.

'I think this is not a small crush anymore...' You look up just to see Killua's cute face.

The way he eats, the way he drinks, the way he laughs, the way he stares at you, the way he smiles at you.

'I love it... It makes my heart flatters, it makes me feel butterflies inside my stomach. I love everything in him. I love his hair, his eyes, face, teeth, and especially his personality.. I think I love him...'

"Here we go."

You snap out of your thoughts and realize that the two of you are already in your house now.

"oh y-yeah thanks." You said after he carefully place you at the sofa.

"I'll just call your maids." He left you sitting there at the sofa.

Your mom is neither here nor your father. They are on their work place.


"I need to go now (y/n), thanks for the food." Killua gave you a smile before going out the door.

You shook your head, grabbing his wrist. "Nope. You can't go yet until you tell me the answers of all of my questions earlier."

He let out a sigh before grinning, "Okay. First I'm here because of you, I just scared you because your face is funny if you got scared!" He starts and is trying hard not to laugh. You glared at him with a tint of pink at your cheeks.

He cleared his throat as he continue, "My voice changed because, you know, puberty. I didn't answer your phone calls because, well.., I may or may not have throw my phone at the river."

[A/n: have any ideas why he throw his phone at the river?]

You sweat dropped at what he just said.

"So need to go.. bye" he waves his hand and you nodded but then you feel something soft touch your cheek. Just as he left, you just realized that it's his lips. He kissed your cheek.

"DID HE REALLY DID THAT?! H-HE K-K-K-KISS ME?" You yelled in your head while blushing a thousands of reds.

(After a week)

It's the end of the class. You excitedly go outside your school and walks down the street, just like always. You've decided that now's the time to confess your undying love to Killua before it gets too late. You're excited yet nervous. I mean who wouldn't, right?

You heard footstep from behind.

"Not again..." You said and sighed but to be honest, you're glad that he's here again.

"Killua, come out!" You shouted again and just after you said that, a shadow came out of nowhere. It's Killua.

"How did you know that I'm the one who's been following you?" He questions, tilting his head at the side.

You let out a giggle. "Are you stupid? Of course, you already did that before~!"
You mockingly said which made him pouts but has changed into a smirk.

"You know (y/n--"

Before he could finish his sentence, you speak up. "Before that, let me ask you something.. why are you always following me?"

Hearing your question, his smirk disappeared for a moment but it appears again. "Because my family says that I must follow my dreams."

[A/n: just pretend that he's not part of the zoldyck family -.- and he only have a wealthy family]

You just stare at him, analyzing what he said. As soon as you realized it, you can't help but to blushed again.


He smiled softly. "My family says i must follow my dreams so i follow you since you're the girl in my dreams." He explained then gave you a wink.

"I love you since we're kids (y/n). I love you. I really do!" He whisper and yelled at the last part which made you cover his mouth, still have a tomato face. Not literally, okay.

"S-stop it!"

He chuckled before removing your hand in his mouth. "Okay."

He gazes at your eyes. "So? Do you love me too?"

You smiled, shaking your head

That made him shocked. You giggled before pecking his lips. *coughs* which made him *coughs* blushed *coughs* by the way.

"I love you more..." you said softly that made him smiled

That's when a pair of lips met yours.

Throughout the kiss, you could say that this day is the happiest day ever.


"Why are you always following that chocorobo mascot?!" A (h/c) haired girl yelled at his silver haired boyfriend.

"Because my family says I must follow my dreams!" The certain boyfriend yelled back.

"I thought you said that I'm the girl in your dreams?!" (y/n) yelled again. You could sense the anger in her voice.

"But he's the chocolate at my dreams!" Killua answered, yelling And yes that's right, you could tell that he's somewhat angry too.

"Go fuck yourself with that freaking chocolate dream!" Y/n spat as she walk away from him.

Realizing this, Killua immediately stops following the chocorobo mascot and quickly run off to his girlfriend.

"Hey babe! You know I'm just kidding,
(y/n)! I'm sorry! I love you!"


I almost forgot. That day might be the happiest day ever for you but that night is the happiest night ever for Killua.


Winky wink. ;33

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