How Would You...?

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Welcome to How Would You...? SFers, where you get to ask questions of the ScienceFiction team.

We're not talking about personal questions here, of course. Those will be ignored! But if you want to know how we'd write a given literary scene, how we'd integrate a particular type of character into a work, or even how we'd go about ranking the top 10 SF shows ever made then you should feel free to ask away to your heart's content!

Basically, as long as it's an SF-related question, we'll answer it!

To receive an answer, questions must begin with the words, how would you... If they don't, they won't be answered!

To ask your question simply use the How Would You..? submission form, and that's that! You should feel free to ask as many questions as you like, too.

Once a week, our team will scour the list of submitted questions and post answers to five of them for the enjoyment of, and information for, all!

Please note: Only questions submitted via our Submission Form will be answered.

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