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I walked down the hallway to see Jason, overhearing our whole conversation. Awwww man, now he knows I have a boyfriend and he'll say that to my aunt and I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend.

He is such a brat. He said I could only get away with this if I do his chores for a month and be nice to him. I had to do it. So I did.

This is stupid. Maybe I can just let him tell and fake break up with him....I don't know.

I walked into the kitchen to do one of his chores, clean the table and do the dishes. I did those and my chores and after the month is over, I'm gonna beat him up.

I was only supposed to be nice to him for a month.

George found out about it and laughed. Geez, he doesn't care about a thing. This is a struggle.

The struggles are:
My dads in jail
I have a stupid boyfriend 
A tattletale
So many chores
Trying to be nice
Keep a secret with the family about George

This really sucks.

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