'It's over... isn't it..?'| Lams

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"S-Stop!" I screamed. Charles Lee rolled his eyes. "Aww... Virgin?" He asked. I huffed and squirmed in Francis's grasp. "I never thought I'd be working with you to f*ck Laurens..." He growled. "D-Don't touch me!" I begged as Lee pushed his hand into my pants, "Let me go!"

Lee spread my legs and sucked on my thighs while Francis forced three fingers into my mouth. I screamed, even though I could barely hear myself over the blaring music and Kinloch's fingers. Frances started taking off my shirt while Lee sucked my... thing... through my jeans. "C-Charles, stop! I don't want to-!" I started to say, but I was gaged and tied up. I couldn't stop them.

"What a pretty little slut~" I cooed to Thomas. I really don't know why I was in this situation anymore... I think it was the alcohol... and the fact that my boyfriend wants to stay a virgin, but I was grinding against Thomas as he moaned. "A-Alexander... we shouldn't..." He whispered. I rolled my eyes and pinned his wrists up. I'm not even sure if he's born a guy, he seems too feminine. Whatever. He's still kinda hot~!

"Are you a virgin, like my little Peach~?" I asked. Thomas blushed and shook his head. I felt a grin grow on my face as I bent down.


*Time skip*
"Ow..." I groaned, sitting up in bed, "Dumb hangovers..." I heard another groan. Did... did I take John's card..? My innocent Peach's virginity was broken by me!

"My god..."

I felt a chill run up my back. There is no way... I couldn't have actually-

"I f*cked Thomas Jefferson... instead of my boyfriend..."

I looked over to see James with his phone out. He was blacked-out drunk. "Oh. My lord." I sighed. I heard Thomas get up and change into his clothes. "Thomas, we can't tell anyone about this!" I muttered. "I know..." Thomas sighed in relief, "Aaron will kill me..." "John is way too sensitive. One thing that could potentially be his fault breaks him every time. The last thing was a B- on a group project-!" "Alex, John's card might have been stolen." Thomas whispered.

"If we had a threesome-" "No! I saw Charles and some friend of John's drag him upstairs. I don't think John was very happy-" "What?!" I screamed. "Shut up, you sluts, I'm sleeping..." James hissed. I glared at him. "I hate you." I growled. "I'm not the one-" "Shut it!" Thomas and I yelled in unison. James covered his ears. "Stop yelling." I groaned.


I felt my eyes widen. John sounded so scared. "John, it isn't.-" "Y... You Man-Slut!" John screamed and slammed the door. "dOES ANYONE LISTEN TO JAMES?! NO! I HAVE A HEADACHE!" James roared. I glared at him, then looked to Thomas. "Aaron probably hooked up a girl last night. I thought I should tell you... I've known Aaron a bit longer..." I sighed. Thomas nodded. "I figured..." He whispered. I quickly got dressed and ran out of Thomas's house and to John's. Mr. Laurens answered.

"Alex? Thank you for coming! What happened?! John came home crying!" He told me. He considered me a son. "I... I need to talk to Jo-" that's when I stopped to see John's four siblings lined up across the railing of the upstairs. All of them were glaring. "Papa, Send him to my room." Martha hissed. I gulped and stared at the woman. She works as hard as me, since her dad works twenty-four/seven. James and Henry Jr. walked into John's room and closed the door. "Okay, Martha..? Alex, you can follow Martha." Mr. Laurens told me. I nodded and followed the fifteen year old girl.

She sat me down at a chair in her room and sat across from me. She glared into my soul. "M-" "Don't explain yourself. Thomas Jefferson is the slut of Miranda high school. You picked him over your boyfriend, who doubles as your friend! I really can't believe you, Alexander Hamilton. I trusted you. I confided in you. And now..." She muttered, picking up a picture of John and her as children, "You broke his heart. Congratulations, Alexander, you have invented a new kind of stupid." I looked down at my lap. "...I let John down..." I mumbled. "Yeah. Now, Ima explain what happened. To John. Francis Kinloch forced John on Charles Lee's di-" "Martha, stop!" Someone wailed. I looked behind me to see John. He looked so helpless...

"John-!" "Peaches, Please..." I whispered. Martha huffed and got up. She pushed John in the chair across from me and left the room. "I'll be outside if you need me." She told him as she closed the door. I took a deep breath and looked at John. It took us a bit to start up a conversation. "J-"

John collapsed in my lap, crying and apologizing. "Why didn't you tell me you wanted to have the thing?!" He screamed. I gave him a small smile. "John, you mean sex, and it's because... I thought you weren't ready... and I was drunk... I guess I grabbed the first person I saw who was also drunk off their ass..." I sighed. John looked up at me. "F...Francis and Lee... took my virginity last night..." John whispered in embarrassment. I sighed and held him close. "I should've never taken you to the party... we should've stayed at my place or here..." I mumbled, playing with his hair. John sniffled and nodded as he shook with fear. "Princess, you're shaking, do you want a bath?" I asked. John nodded again and snuggled into my chest as I picked him up and took him out of the room. I earned a glare from Martha.

"Don't go taking his bathroom-sex virginity, Hamilton." She hissed. She was full on serious. I nodded and walked into the bathroom with John, who was blushing from what his sister said. Before I could ask or say anything, John reached behind me and tried locked the door. I locked it for him and kissed his cheek. I drew a bath and put in bubble soap for John, who sat on the bathroom counter.

"Alex, you can be done with me... It's over... isn't it?"

"Baby... I love you... and I hate that I've done this to you..."

"I love you too, Alex..."

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