Chapter 1

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     My name is Bridget Vendredi, and I became a private stripper, for the most drop dead gorgeous young man ever....this is my tale...
   It had been a rough day. My rent was late. My car insurance was due. My job as a waitress at the truck stop wasn't cutting it.
I was tired taking orders, and my feet and back hurt. I was only twenty-two years old and already felt like an old hag. I wanted to go home.
   Home. Some home. My trailer was raggedy, almost as raggedy as my car. My ex husband was a stalking bastard, and my family had shunned me, the dirty whore. There was no help when I needed it. I did what I had to do to get by.
   Work was a drag. I was one out of two black waitresses, and we had a black cook, but it was the white girls who had it easier, bigger tips for less work. I was getting tired of even being in this greasy place, setting two specials down in front of their owners when the doorbell chimed, and in walked the most sexiest white boy I had ever seen. He sat down at a booth and looked over a menu. I noticed him watching me...I walked over to take his order, taking him in. He had the most amazing blue eyes.
   "What can I get you?", I asked, trying not to show how hard I was staring at this dude. Blue eyes smiled at me and I almost fainted. He had the most sexiest mouth, and the way he smiled made the pit of my stomach tingle. I guess he could tell that I was checking him out, because he kept smiling at me.
    "I'll have the grilled chicken sandwich, please", he ordered, "and a Mountain Dew!" I scribbled down his order, but I swear I didn't want to leave his side. This was one sexy honey. Finally, after smiling at him, I left with his order. I could see him watching my ass as I walked away, and thought to myself, I wouldn't mind rushing that! That white boy was beautiful.
    When I brought him his food, there was that smile again, and those eyes gave me the impression he was trying to figure me out. "Here you go! Enjoy!", I said, trying to stay professional, but this cutie had me lit. He thanked me with another smile, and I swear I almost heard the angels singing.
   I went about my business, doing my job while my mysterious customer ate. Every now and then, I'd catch him watching some part of my body, and honestly, it made me wonder if something was wrong with me.
   As fate would have it, I had myself a rough customer that day, who tried rubbing me the wrong way. My inner witch came out and I switched over to bitch mode, punching the man in the face.
"You're fired! Get out of here!", yelled the boss. I couldn't believe the fuck shit I was hearing. "This muthafucka just tried to grab my pussy! I bust him in his fucking mouth! Keep letting Ronald McDonald get y'all in trouble!", I yelled. I was still fired, the boss didn't give a fuck. Blue Eyes stood up, wiping his mouth.
   "Come on!", he said, grabbing my hand after throwing some bills on the table. "You don't need this shithole full of redneck assholes!" I noticed he had an accent as I grabbed my stuff and let him lead me outside.
   When we reached my crummy car, he said, "Leave it! Come with me!" My senses were screaming beware, but my heart was pounding in my throat as this handsome stranger led me to a Mercedes and opened up the passenger door for me. I stopped before getting inside. "Hold up! I don't even know you!", I said.
    Blue Eyes gave me another killer smile. He seemed to know how gorgeous he was. "Leven Blackwood, at your service!", he said, waiting for me to get inside. He gave me another smile, and I had no choice. I sat down onto the leather seat and the blue eyed gentleman closed my door.
    Once he got inside, Leven gave me another smile. "Where are you taking me?", I asked, nervous, because this sexy beast kept smiling at me. "I have a business proposition for you", he said, starting his engine. Leven smelled so good, I felt myself bewitched. "A business proposition?", I asked, nervous. Now it was his turn to look nervous. "Please, hear me out! I have a space in my building, and an Audi I never drive...I would be willing to let you have them, plus a handsome allowance, if you could help me out with something!", he said, interesting me.
     "Help you! With what, may I ask?", was my reaction. Leven put the sleek luxury car into drive, and I couldn't help but to take in his sexy form. He looked at me, and there was that smile again. I think I would have agreed to anything he asked me at that moment. I watched his sexy, perfect mouth as he began to speak. "You see, I'm engaged to be married, and I'm not sure if I'm ready yet! I mean, I've been in boarding schools and private schools all my life, and as soon as I got home, my parents had arranged this marriage for me....", he said.
    So what help would he need from me? I had to admit, I kind of felt bad to hear this gorgeous creature belonged to someone else. I guess my disappointment showed on my face, because he continued. "I don't know how to ask you this...would you like to be my stripper?", he asked. I thought I was hearing wrong. "Your stripper?", I asked. "Yes, my stripper!", he replied. "I mean, I could buy you all those racy little outfits, and you wouldn't have to have sex with me....of course...I've always wanted to visit a club, but never could! I'm just not sure I'm ready to give up my freedom yet, and seeing how my parents control my life, this would be just for me!", said Leven.
     Me a stripper? "Leven, is it? Look, I don't know what kind of games you playing at but.....", I was saying before he cut me off. "What's your name?", he asked. I said Bridget. "Bridget!", he said, smiling. The way he said my name hypnotized me, and I was ready to strip for him right then, but I just had to be dreaming...
    "Bridget, I will pay you two grand a week!", he said. Two thousand dollars a week to take off my clothes for this sexy muthafucka? I just couldn't believe it. There had to be a catch. "Why do you need a stripper? Why not have your fiancée strip for you?", I asked. Leven smiled then. He showed me a picture of his fiancée on his phone. She was white, of course, petite, sweet. Blond hair. Green eyes. I tried to be nice, saying, "She's pretty!"
     Leven smiled again. "Yeah, she's pretty, but no ass! Nothing like yours!" I almost choked when he said that. Of course I had to be sarcastic. "Nothing like mine! I don't have no ass, booboo!", I said, laughing. Leven gave me a smile that made me pause. "From what I've seen, you have just enough....I mean, I think you're perfect!", he said, making me blush. "You got enough!"
     My, my, this young god was pouring on the charm. "You're not going to kill me, are you? I mean, this just sounds too perfect!", I asked. Leven stopped the car at a stoplight. He looked over at me with those eyes, and said, "Honestly? I've been seeing you around since I got back, and you caught my eye...I've dined at your workplace before, and I've seen how you were treated.....I just wanted to give you a chance to earn some money, and get to know me, that's all!"
    "Whaddaya say?", he asked, his accent thick. The traffic light turned green, and he stepped on the gas. I looked at him, then asked, "Two thousand a week, plus a car and a place? No strings attached?" Leven smiled, the curl of his lips sexy. "No strings! So, where to? I'm sure you'll have some packing to do!" Leven's smile gave me hope, so I told him my address.
      I was embarrassed for Leven to see where I lived, and I could tell from the look on his face that he felt bad for me. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but I have a lot of money! My family has a lot of money! It's not fair for you to have to live like this! I'll be happy to give you anything you need! Come on, let's go! I can buy you whatever you need! Let's leave this depressive place!", he said. His generosity touched me, and the look on his face spoke volumes. "You can trust me, Bridget!", he said, offering his hand.
      Leven helped me put my bags in his trunk, our shoulders bumping. I must have been a damned fool, because I swear I did not look back at my place as he drove away. I didn't even know where I was going, and didn't care.
       I took a joint out of my stash box, then thought better, putting it away and pulling out a Camel instead. Leven smiled sexily at me, then asked, "You smoke?" I nodded my head, saying, sorry. He smiled at me again, killing me with his hidden dimples as he pulled out an antique silver case and laid it on my lap. His fingers felt wonderful there. I opened up to find a row of what looked like tightly rolled black cigarettes, but the aroma of the greenery sticking out of them let me know it was marijuana.
      I smiled at Leven when he told me to light one up. Like a gentleman, he produced a pewter lighter and lit me up. Once I inhaled the rich smoke, any inhibitions I had left flew away. Leven smiled. "That's it! Relax and enjoy yourself! We're almost home!" Home, I thought.

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