Author's Note/Prologue

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This book deals with abusive relationships and depression. It is not meant to upset anyone.

Ava (Age five)

I stare out my window and look up at the sky. There are so few clouds and so many bright lights. Stars. I look at the shapes they make and search for ones I haven't seen before. There's one star that's really bright in a group of duller ones.

"Ready for bed?" Mom asks, walking in and sitting on my bed.

"No," I deny, keeping my eyes on the stars.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Just looking," I shrug.

"Do you see the Little Dipper?" She asks.

I nod, pointing to it.

"That's right," she smiles. "See that really, really bright star?"

"That one?" I ask, adjusting my hand.

"Yeah," she says. "Do you know what that is?"

"No," I say.

"Polaris," she smiles. "The North Star."

"The North Star?" I ask.

"Yeah," she nods.

"Why is it called Polaris?" I question. "That's a funny name."

"It's a long story that we don't have time for because you have to go to bed," she smiles, picking me up and laying me in bed.

"But, mommy," I whine.

"Goodnight," she smiles, kissing my forehead and laying my blankets over me. "I love you."

"Goodnight," I groan.

She shuts off my light and leaves my room. I climb out of bed and take one last look out my window.

"Goodnight, Polaris," I whisper.

I know what you're thinking. Why would I begin a new book when I don't even have time to update the ones I already have? The answer: I have no idea. Inspiration struck, so I wrote. Tell me what you think of the prologue! The next chapter will jump to Ava's teen years.

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