A New Visitor

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The SML siblings were stunned by what they saw when Aladdin summoned Ugo during his standoff with Judar.

"Brother! That's!" M Nando exclaimed in shock, pointing at the massive blue being. It was the same one responsible for destroying their hideout!

"Yeah... It's the giant from that time... Why did it appear again?" S Nando asked nervously, sweating bullets. He didn't realize it was because Ugo was a djinn who lived in Aladdin's flute. "However, that giant is not weak. What will happen if it competes with that brat!?"

'Here it is... Aladdin's djinn! As I thought, he had to materialize it,' Sinbad thought, furrowing his brow and clenching his jaw with concern while a bead of nervous sweat slid down the side of his face. 'Normally, the way to use a djinn's metal vessel is to wear the powers of the djinn residing in it to fight. However, the relationship of Aladdin as a magi and the djinn is fundamentally different from others. This is my first time seeing it, too... How will he fight with it!?'

"Hmm, Midget, you've got something interesting there..." Judar said. "A huge djinn body... that's something only us magi can bring out." He smirked. "Very well... I'll recognize it, that you're a magi." Judar took a step forward and raised his wand again to gather more rukh.

From over the sea, streaks of fog came streaming through the town, unnerving the  crowd of ordinary citizens waiting outside the Fog Troupe's hideout, and startling the troupe members inside when it flew past them, swirling into a ball around Judar's wand.

"Balbadd is a fog town. I can order the rukh to gather as much water from the air as I want," he said, while a giant mass of water formed over his wand. He tightened his grip on it. "And... order it again..." He narrowed his eyes and concentrated on changing the water's form.

Aladdin, Hope, Alibaba, and Morgiana watched with wide eyes as the body of water froze into a solid hunk of sharp ice while Judar rose up into the air with it.

"My specialty is ice magic!!" Judar declared with a grin, enjoying the shocked expressions on the faces of everyone below him.

"Nii-chan! That looks like a huge ice spear...!" L Nando cried.

"You idiot... before that... Why is he flying?" S Nando said nervously, pale with shock.

'Floating magic that manipulates gravity... Judar... He can use this many types of magic at the same time... What a guy!' Sinbad thought anxiously, furrowing his brow.

"Hehe~" Judar laughed. "How's this!? Isn't it amazing, Sinbad! I had a hard time learning this! But it's still tough for me to do with long distances," he bragged. He noticed the wary look on the king's face. "Oh... still too early for you to be surprised... My special move starts now..." He moved his wand to begin.


Everyone watched with wide eyes while cracks formed in the ice and slivers of spear-like shards peeled off from the main body of ice.

Cold sweat dripped down the back of Hope's neck as she stared up at them. She knew what was coming next. "R... Run!!!" she yelled as Judar shouted,

"Take this!!" Thalg Al-Salos!!!"

The troupe members cried out in fear and alarm when Hope's prediction came true, and they scrambled to follow her advice as the deadly ice spears rained down upon them. Many of them were just barely able to dodge in  time. "Run!!!" many of them echoed Hope's cry. "What are these!!?" cried others.

"Whoa!" one man cried when a spear pierced the wall beside him. "!!?" he gasped when ice began to spread out across the surface from where it hit.

The same thing was happening everywhere else the spears landed. "Wha-What!?" the thieves yelled, shocked. "It freezes where it pierced!?"

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