His name is Judar

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"It appears... this guy known as Sinbad is a gentleman, too," S Nando said, smiling while he stroked his beard. "I admire him."

"But, Nii-chan, what should we do now?" L Nando asked anxiously. "We've stolen from him before." M Nando was also worried about that.

"Don't worry," S Nando told them. "He was sleeping like a log that time. He didn't see us."

"I see!" L Nando said, relieved.

"??" Hope placed a hand over her chest, wondering why she was suddenly filled with a sense of unease.

"What's the matter, Hope? Heartburn?" Faith asked, wondering why her sister was wearing such an odd expression after that uplifting speech.

"No, I'm pretty sure it's something else..." Hope replied, sweat-dropping.

"Hm?" M Nando said, looking up when he also sensed something was amiss. "Hey, Onii-san, what's that?" he asked S Nando, pointing up at a figure in the sky through a large hole in the roof.

Judar smirked and crossed his arms, standing proudly on his magic carpet. "Hey! Sinbad!!!" he shouted, making the older man flinch in shock.

"!" Sinbad gasped as his head snapped up to look at the evil magi, startled. 'Judar!? Did he follow us here...!?' he wondered anxiously. If that guy was here, then everyone present was in danger!

"Hey, Stupid King!" Judar greeted Sinbad with a mock salute when he jumped down from his magic carpet through the gaping hole in the roof. "What are you doing here?" he asked, walking over to face him.

"Who's that guy?" one of the troupe members asked.

"..." Aladdin and Hope stared at the intruder, surprised.

'He's... that person from earlier today...' Aladdin thought.

"... Shouldn't that jump have broken his legs?" Faith asked, furrowing her brow in confusion.

"Yes... but you've also leaped from a second story window without hurting yourself before. And more importantly..." Hope said, furrowing her brow, too. "There's something very off about that guy... He gives me a bad feeling. We need to be careful."

"Yeah..." Faith agreed. She thought Judar was pretty hot, but his attitude and the way he carried himself reminded her of one of her asshole exes, so he was probably an asshole, too.

"Judar," Sinbad said grimly, "were you sent under Ahbmad's orders? Or did the Kou Empire send you?"

"... Huh?" Judar said, stopping in his tracks. "No, no! It's nothing like that!" he said, suddenly beaming a smile at the king. "To tell you the truth, those things don't matter to me at all!"

"What do you plan to do with this country?" Sinbad demanded sternly, knowing better than to lower his guard.

"... Who knows?" Judar said with a shrug. "I don't have a single bit of interest in all those things about the economy that the old man talks about..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Sinbad, you should know, right? What I truly like..." He raised his head to look at the king, wearing a devious smile, "... is war!"

"Psycho alert~" Faith sang quietly behind her hand in Hope's ear so that only her sister could hear.

"The Kou Empire is strong!" Judar said excitedly, clenching his fist. "Having countless soldiers, dungeon capturers as generals, and even dungeon monsters as part of the army! Aren't they awesome!?"

"You...!" Sinbad said lowly, narrowing his eyes in distaste to glare at him with disapproval.

"..." Hope could see that they obviously knew each other. Sinbad seemed to dislike him a lot, which made her wonder what had happened between them.

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