Angels and Demons 2

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Not sure if I really said this last chapter but oh well it's kinda important

Angels are usually higher in numbers than demons cause angels AND mortals kill a lot of demons

So Herobrine will sometimes go out and make a bunch of deals JUST so he can increase the demon count

But he doesn't go for just anyone. He scouts the land and handpicks the mortals he thinks will be the best demons

And since Notch can't allow anyone who's made a deal with Herobrine into the Aether... the damned mortals are screwed

In fact, the song made about Aaron is often used to warn children to not make deals with the Devil

(The end of the song has Notch standing before Aaron, but Notch turns him away since he made a deal with Herobrine)

And he's running
and racing
running running running
then it all turns black

Notch stood before the man and said
"Dear young child, why would you do such a thing?
Everyone knows ne'er make a deal with the Devil"

Something like that. Also since it's a folk song, it's often sung with a guitar as the only instrument

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