Chapter 20

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Angel's POV

I was in the pack house's library - the pack house is where the wolves with higher rankings live, there are also offices and places to mingle, the library was HUGE - reading some random book when I began to feel slightly lightheaded. It wasn't too bad and I didn't want to distract the twins when they were doing their Alpha work, so I just brushed it off and read. After a minute or so, black dots started to appear and I clutched my head as it started to throb. I rose to my feet and swayed slightly when trying to walk.

Using one hand to hold myself up with the help of a wall and the other hand still holding my head, I walked slowly towards the library doors. I made it just out the door when my knees buckled under me and I fell to the floor.

A passing pack member saw me and dropped the basket she was holding while running towards me.

"Luna! Are you alright?"

The throbbing in my head grew stronger and stronger until it was nearly unbearable.

"The twins. Call the Alphas." I managed to wheeze out in my aching state and she immediately mindlinked them.

The next second I could hear their heavy footsteps running towards us in full speed. They came around the corner and nearly knocked the lady over in their haste to get to me.


Xavier cradled me to his chest as they started running towards somewhere.

Running through doors and corridors we ended up in somewhere that looked like a hospital wing.

The twins barged into a room which was filled with white beds and some kind of machines and other stuff.

Xavier yelled 'doctor!' so loud that my ears started ringing. He laid me down on a bed, making sure I was as comfortable as I could be while we waited for the doctor.

A man with a white lab coat and a clipboard rushed in and to us.

"Luna, Alphas. What seems to be the problem?"

They all turned to me as I hadn't had the chance to even tell the twins what exactly happened.

"Well, I was in the library reading when I suddenly started to feel lightheaded and my head started to throb."

The doctor nodded. "And did black dots start to come into your vision? Was it hard to stand or walk?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

This time he turned to the twins.

"You haven't marked her yet, am I right?"

They both nodded and answered simultaneously.

"Yes doc."

"Well that explains it."

"What is it then?"

"Her body is getting exhausted from the lack of energy as it goes into strengthening her scent to you. If it goes on like that she will pass out soon."

The twins growled, pressing out a 'thank you' to the doctor who bowed and left the room. Once the door closed, they turned to look at me, guilt clear in their eyes. They were standing at both sides of the bed holding my hands while I reassured them that it wasn't their fault. They obviously didn't listen to me and continued accusing themselves.

I closed my eyes, feeling extremely tired.

"Angel?!? No no no don't close your eyes!"

I whined, feeling the headache get even worse and now spread throughout my body until my whole body was hurting.

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