~ chapter 1 ~

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A/N: I really know nothing about the hunger games so I'm just gonna go with the generator. But the reaping (and leading up to the bloodbath) is gonna be my idea so if I get anything wrong then please correct me. Also, sohinki and lcorn will be in this. This chapter will pretty much be the same situation over and over and over.

The Reaping

Anthony's POV (district 1)

As I walked to the reaping, I waited for the names to be called. Surely it wasn't going to be me, right? As the capitol representative started blabbering. ".... Now, for the boys..... Anthony Padilla!" She called out. I froze. Dammit!

I was ushered to the stage by others, and stood awkwardly, looking terrified. "And the girls.... Adelaide Randall!" She hollered. Adelaide was not the girl I wanted to be paired up with. From what I knew, she was a snobby, stuck-up, popular, rich brat who picked on me and my friends.

This was gonna be one heck of a ride.

Ian's POV (district 2)

I sprinted to the reaping. I was already ten minutes late, and by the time I got there, I heard the representative yelling "Ian Hecox? Where is Ian Hecox?" Well shite.

Courtney's pov (district 2)

Wow. Some kid was late to his own reaping. The representative spun the reaping ball again. My name was only in there once, what are the od- "Courtney Miller?" He asked among the crowd. I rushed towards the podium, nervous out of my mind.

I recognized the kid next to me. Ian, was it? He was my best friend way back. I hope that we both stay alive for the most part.

Joven's POV (district 3)

I had been listening to the representative blabbing for a while. Then, he pulled out two names from the reaping ball.

"Joshua Ovenshire and Maria Welsh?" He says loudly and clearly. I look over to Maria, who was standing next to me. We both had uneasy looks on our faces and walked up slowly, where I told the guy my nickname. This was going to be a rough time.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

(For this story pretend he has a bro named Ben. Just roll with it.)

"I bet it's gonna be you." I hear the kids that pick on my 12-year old brother say to him.

"Your gonna die, Ben." They mock repeatedly. I quickly turn and stand infront of him protectively. "Leave him alone." I say strictly.

They scoff at me, glare at Ben, and face the now talking representative. "Thanks, Matt." He whispers. Ben keeps talking to me, but I ignore him and try to listen. "Shut up!" I whisper back because the names are about to be said.

"Ben Sohinki." he says blankly.

Before anyone even sees Ben I screech "I volunteer as tribute!"

Everyone gives me a look. A weird-ish look. Then the capital representative shrugs. "Ok, then. Your name? Nickname?" I quickly reply with "Sohinki."

I scramble to the podium. "And for the girls, Lula Cassidy." He finishes, looking around.

GOD DAMMIT! Lula is Ben's biggest bully! Why her? What if she wins? What if I- I'm snapped back into reality by the small blond 13-year old standing next to me crying hysterically. This'll be a long trip.

Lasercorn's POV (district 5)

I'm talking with my group of friends. Ok, well by group I mean 3 of us. Me, Ericka, and Sabrina. Ericka likes to be called Boze, just as I like Lasercorn. Its cooler than David. Sabrina is my girlfriend, and Bozey is like my lil' baby sister. They're practically family. Although my real family is praying that were all okay. Same with their families. Our families are really close, as you can tell.

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