Prompt #10

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                Prompt: One about Leon and Brennan's kids? I feel like they would purposely adopt a kid with auburn hair and he'd take after Brennan. And I feel like Bren would always be sure none of his kids are as tired as Leon. Also what last name would they all have? They'd be such dads

                A.N.- Alright so I already wrote a little bit about their kids because I literally live for these cute domestic family prompts. I also kind of pictured them doing a surrogate mother type thing, but honestly you can just imagine whatever you want for how they got their kids!


                "Honey, I'm home," I called as I opened the front door and stepped inside.


                The two little voices reached me and I tossed my stuff down just as they reached me. I dropped to my knees so I could hug both of them.

                "Where is your father?" I asked.

                "He's working," my oldest, Angelo, said. "We had to remind him to eat dinner."

                "Again?" I said.

                "Daddy forgot to have dinner," my youngest, Kian, said. "He said he wasn't hungry when we ate dinner."

                I lifted Kian into my arms and took Angelo's hand. We walked through the house until we reached Leon's study. Angelo released my hand to push the door open and the three of us went inside.

                Leon was bent over paperwork, looking focused as he wrote something down. There was a stack of completed paperwork next to him and a barely touched plate of food.

                I snuck up behind him and lifted Kian over my head. I set him down on Leon's shoulders and Leon jumped in surprise.

                "Bren," he said, rubbing his eyes. "I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry."

                "Well now I'm home," I said, lifting Kian off his shoulders and dropping the little boy into his lap. "Which means you're done working. It's late and you haven't even eaten yet."

                "I got distracted," he said, looking at his plate. "It probably went cold."

                "You weren't even watching the boys," I said, raising an eyebrow.

                "No, I was!" he said hurriedly. "They were in here with me watching The Lion King on the tablet. They left a few minutes ago for a bathroom break. Let me finish organizing these papers and then I'll join you guys."

                As he turned to finish his work, which would probably take him a few more hours, I caught Angelo's eye. I nodded at him and he grinned a little.

                He started walking forward and let his foot catch on a book on the floor. He let out a yell as he fell forward, knocking Leon's papers over as he hit the desk and fell to the floor.

                "Angelo!" Leon said in alarm.

                Angelo propped up on his elbows, bottom lip quivering as the papers fluttered to the floor around him. "I'm really sorry, dad. I'm so sorry."

                Leon set Kian down and hurried to help Angelo up. He pulled him into a hug before inspecting him for any injuries.

                "It's okay, it was just an accident," he assured. "Are you okay? That's more important."

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